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Julie Walker
12-14-05, 02:11 AM
Last night it was working perfectly. So late this afternoon I come home and attempt to log on for the first time today. And I get a message that the MSN Connection Center is not working/has some sort of issue(doesn't say what) and must shut down.

To be careful,I check my connection settings.modem,everything and they appear to be working fine.

So I decide to watch a couple films and then try again after 10pm...and I get the same message!

So as a test I then access AOL and sign on to my brothers account. And then suddenly the MSN sign on screen comes up for some reason. So for the hell of it, I click sign on and am able to access my account. The MSN and Yahoo IM start up as well.

Now when I turn off AOL,the IMs shut off...and so does the internet so I can't surf around at all on msn.

I just talked to someone I know on MSN and they said they haven't had any problems signing on so far.

So does anyone know what is going on and what I should do?

I'll try again tomorrow and if the same crap is happening. I'll give MSN a call.

Oh and I can't even access MSN Internet Explorer either! Before I got my msn account reinstalled on my pc after he harddrive crash. I was able to use msn explorer to get onto the net and check email and all that.

12-15-05, 12:37 PM
I've encountered a few problems with MSN recently - either I can't connect or they said I have invalid password. Some times after it would go back to normal. I use trillian btw.

12-15-05, 12:59 PM
I just signed in, no problem. I am using 7.5.0311

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