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09-25-05, 09:32 PM
I spent some time over the past week using Macromedia Director to synchronize a bunch of images and video to a two-minute-long song. The program is a little wonky, but I've convinced it to play it through with a very high degree of timing accuracy.

The problem is that when I export it as a movie of any kind, the timing just goes to shit. The rate at which the photos are displayed always differs from the rate of the music. The embedded video is downright abysmal: it doesn't even play at the same framerate.

This is maddening. The document is done, but I've spent over four hours trying to get Macromedia to make a movie (of any kind) that displays the same thing as its internal display. Imagine if you had used Microsoft Word to create a sophisticated document, and it looked perfect in Print Preview, but it printed catastrophically wrong every time. Same thing.

Anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance.

- David Stein

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