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La Bella Rose
09-23-05, 08:38 PM
Friday night and I'm stuck at home what a bummer. Hubby is out fishing with his buddies and Iím at home with the kids :grunt:. Tomorrow I have no plans and Sunday my in-laws are coming over. Please tell me someone else out there is planing on having a super lame weekend to.

09-23-05, 08:41 PM
I have to work tomorrow. 6am-2:30pm. Six day work weeks suck.

das Monkey
09-23-05, 08:45 PM
Football, football, football. And maybe some nachos.


La Bella Rose
09-23-05, 08:47 PM
:drool: nachos.....

09-23-05, 08:51 PM
Well tomorrow i'm getting paid by the station to broadcast the OSU vs ASU game.

09-23-05, 08:56 PM
Saturday...My daughter's in a Parade (Band) so I have to do that, then it's planting a crapload of shrubbery. I'm so thrilled.

Sunday, I have to work. BLAH!

Breakfast with Girls
09-23-05, 08:58 PM
Reviewing. I'm way behind. :(

On Saturday I'm going to the state fair, though.

DVD Polizei
09-23-05, 09:02 PM
Guacamole and Nachos.

09-23-05, 09:05 PM
Slept all friday. Work Saturday night. Sleep 'from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm Sunday, watch football 'till 11:00 pm. Sleep. Go back to work MOnday.

09-23-05, 09:07 PM
Football, baseball and movies... that nacho idea sounds good.

Oh, I need a haircut and do a little shopping. I feel the need to spend some money.

09-23-05, 09:30 PM
Well, I'm at home having a wild-and-crazy Friday night trying to not cough my lungs inside out, from this nasty bronchitis... :( Cancelled my plans for tonight (like last night, and the night before) and for tomorrow, with the slim hope that I'll be able to go to a party tomorrow night if I'm feeling better.

On Saturday I'm going to the state fair, though.:mad: I hate you. :mad: You're doing the Puyallup, aren't you? I WOULD, but of course, I'm sick... :(

On second thought, wanna bring a girl back some scones from the fair, please? :D I would LOVE me some scones.... :drool: yummmm.... :drool:

09-23-05, 09:30 PM
I'm in Dallas and work in a local hospital,we are on internal alert and already receiving patient from other areas of Texas,so my weekend will be spent on call and waiting to see what Rita brings...

09-23-05, 09:37 PM
Saturday: Laundry, wash the car, work on a presentation
Sunday: See Corpse Bride

09-23-05, 10:16 PM
Studying. I have a test in almost every class next week: Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology 2, Fundamentals of Nursing, and 4 labs. The one class I don't have a test in (had it last week) I have a health assessment paper due and a nutritional assessment. Blah.

09-23-05, 10:18 PM
gun show tomorrow. might add to my WW2 collection since C&R guns are cheap even if you don't have a C&R license

09-23-05, 10:29 PM

09-23-05, 10:34 PM
Just back from opening night at the New York Film Festival, catching another film there tomorrow. On Sunday, doing one of those <i>only in New York</i> things - Actors Equity is having it's annual flea market in and around Schubert Alley, and that's always a fun afternoon with lots of celebs hanging out.

Big Dave
09-23-05, 10:35 PM
Driving to Columbus in about 3 hours to watch the OSU/Iowa game. Stay overnight there, drive back Sunday afternoon. Then on Monday morning I have to wake up early to fly out to Cali on business until next Friday.

D.Pham4GLTE (>60GB)
09-23-05, 10:37 PM
well, i had planned to fly to Dallas for a convention, but not anymore...so i'll be home this weekend.

09-23-05, 10:43 PM

09-23-05, 10:59 PM
Friday: Code
Saturday: Hang out with friend who's in town
Sunday: Code, football, code

Yep, nice full weekend. As much as I love working for myself, the hours and pay suck and the boss is a slave driver.

09-23-05, 11:20 PM
the regular stuff, workout, study, work, study some more, watch TV, work some more

09-23-05, 11:31 PM
College football . . . lots and lots of college football . . .

09-24-05, 02:28 AM
Head up to my parents cabin w/ my gf and chill.

09-24-05, 02:29 AM
i plan on getting my pig mask pictures

09-24-05, 03:01 AM
FINALLY!! :mad:

We'll be patiently waiting here for you, Cam! :p

09-24-05, 06:41 AM
Friday: go to the bar with my best friend and listen to her bitch about men all night.
Saturday: go to the club with my lesbian friends and listen to them bitch about women all night.
Sunday: Masturbation marathon. :D

09-24-05, 06:54 AM
working all weekend. My weekend doesnt start till 7am Monday.

09-24-05, 08:05 AM

And stay in and stay out of the rain

09-24-05, 08:13 AM
Ginseng digging if it doesn't rain to make some spending money for Oktoberfest next weekend.

09-24-05, 08:17 AM
Working on the house. Getting spectacularly drunk tonight...

La Bella Rose
09-24-05, 09:45 AM
I am going to make my pig mask pictures.


09-24-05, 09:52 AM
Well I'll spend the entire weekend doing the following:

1. Finish my History paper (2 hole chapters to review).
2. Studying for two HUGE tests I have (one on Monday and one on Wednesday).
3. Go to church on Sunday.

Cool Kitten
09-24-05, 10:51 AM
Saturday: having a birthday party
sunday:recovering from said party, and going out for sushi with friends
monday-day off for my actual birthday, probably spending all day on the phone talking to well-wishers :lol:

09-24-05, 12:48 PM
Kayaking, watching movies, cleaning up my apartment.

09-24-05, 05:57 PM
Friday - went out to eat and saw Flightplan. Watched National Treasure when I got home.
Saturday - college football day
Sunday - pro football day

09-24-05, 07:13 PM
Quake you lazy bastard there's more to life than footbal -ohbfrank-

oh wait no there's not

09-24-05, 07:32 PM
OK I'm still sick, so my weekend is looking more and more pathetic... :sad:

On the plus side, being home sick and posting so much has bumped me up a membership level... :banana:

Aphex Twin
09-24-05, 07:38 PM

09-24-05, 08:05 PM
:nopics::hscratch: you want pics of me coughing? :hscratch:

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