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06-16-05, 09:18 PM
i guess its better than dropping it in the ball pit at chuck e cheese


Sheriff's Officer Leaves Gun In Bathroom

POSTED: 10:07 pm EDT June 14, 2005

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- A sheriff's department officer is red-faced and in hot water after leaving her gun in a Binghamton courthouse bathroom.

The Broome County Sheriff's Department corrections officer removed her 40-caliber Glock pistol while using the facilities. But she left the weapon behind when she left the rest room.

The gun was found by a civilian who alerted a courthouse security officer.

Sheriff David Harder told a Binghamton radio station the corrections officer was without her weapon for "less than five minutes."

Harder said an investigation into the incident is being conducted. In the meantime, the officer has been taken off the courthouse detail and assigned to jail duty.

The sheriff said he'll review the case before deciding what other disciplinary action is appropriate. He said the officer was "very upset" over the gun blunder.

06-16-05, 09:20 PM
And she didn't even wash her hands

General Zod
06-16-05, 09:36 PM
Thank goodness she didn't leave her taser in there!!


06-17-05, 12:57 AM
Do you have any idea how difficult it is to take a crap with a holstered sidearm? I'm pretty sure that's why they put those little hooks on the back of the stall doors.

Joe Molotov
06-17-05, 01:17 AM
At least she left it in the courthouse and not, say, the local 7-11.

06-17-05, 01:33 AM
Fuck if I carried a gun, I'd never leave it......then I won't look cool

Charlie Goose
06-17-05, 05:11 AM
Didn't I see that on an episode of Night Court?

06-17-05, 05:43 AM
the officer has been taken off the courthouse detail and assigned to jail duty.

This scares me even worse. I mean a court house may have criminals in there, but the majority is either jury members, judges and lawyers. 90% of the folks aren't a danger with a gun.

But to stick her to Jail duty.... You don't want someone who has a record of forgetting where they put their gun on jail duty. the place is filled with folks who would use a gun.

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