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The Ferret
05-29-05, 12:29 AM
I feel like a chump. Provided I win my bid, i'll be spending $32 (including shipping). I just noticed it's still for sale on amazon.com for $29.96. Although with shipping to Canada and all it'd be a few dollars more, I still think it would have just been safer and easier to go with Amazon for a new copy for just a few dollars more -- no biggy I guess.

My initial thread topic was 'How much is Notorious CC Worth?', but seeing how I just answered my own question, I decided to see what similar experiences y'all have had.

The Infidel
05-29-05, 12:36 AM
Considering I rarely ever buy online at one of these fantastic bargain places, a lot of people would probably say that I spend too much on DVD's all the time. I've only purchased 5 of the DVD's in my entire collection online, and even then they probably weren't at the best possible prices.

05-29-05, 12:51 AM
I had been collecting the anime series Texhnolyze. There was a limited number of them with the Lenticular covers. When the 4th disc came out, somehow I spaced out. I went to the usual places (Best Buy, Fry's) but I could not find any with the Lenticular covers. I even tried eBay.

Finally I knew what I had to do.... I went to Suncoast and paid MSRP. What a completist must go through. :)

05-29-05, 01:05 AM
I always spent too much before I learned how fast and far they price drop. Now I get them at the $14.99 sale price the first week or I wait for the price drop six months later.

05-29-05, 02:23 AM
missed mickey black & White vol 1....payed the OOP rate....still holds its value but it was expensive just the same

05-29-05, 04:13 AM
I'm a big McLintock! fan and, through another DVD Talk thread, I learned that there was a widescreen version of the film on DVD (among a myriad of bad P&S public domain releases.) Though some people had found the disc at various "Dollar" stores, I couldn't, so I bought it on eBay for ~$5 shipped. Upon watching the disc, I discovered that there was an entire reel (15-17 min.) missing! So I ended up paying $5 for a $1 disc that I'll either give or throw away.

05-29-05, 04:19 AM
World at War... paid $80.00, coulda got it for $25.00 locally
Eve's Bayou... paid $15.00 used, found out it was $5.99 at DDD the same day

05-29-05, 06:19 AM
Not really. First scenario that comes to mind is when I wait and wait to purcahse a film, because I'm convinced that I'll find it used and save myself some money. I regularly check pawn shops and whatnot. Eventually, I'll cave on a title I've been holding off on for months. Then, a couple weeks down the road, one will pop up in the local pawn shop for 1/3 what I paid.

Aside from those few-and-far-between scenarios, though, I'm usually really good about hunting down bargains. For example, I picked up Ocean's Twelve, Tae Guk Gi, and House of Flying Daggers tonight for $20+tax. I was tempted to pick up Daggers when it first came out...but I waited until I found a PVD sale with more appropriate prices.


05-29-05, 06:43 AM
When I first started buying dvds back in 98-99, I didn't know about the cheap prices you could get online, so I bought several titles for retail at SunCoast. Since then, I've been pretty much a bargain shopper, but I have had to pay some exorbitant prices for OOP stuff. Paid about $70(?) for the Mickey Mouse in Living Color Vol. 1 tin off ebay. Also getting ready to pick up the Spinal Tap: CC for $70 plus a few dvds in trade.

Max Bottomtime
05-29-05, 07:28 AM
In the late 90s I could find so many online seals that the average price for my first 100 DVDs was less than $1. These days I'll pick one up the first week of release for around $15 or wait for a prive drop. The most I ever paid for a single DVD was $24 for Spinal Tap CC for a friend's birthday present.

05-29-05, 10:41 AM
World at War... paid $80.00, coulda got it for $25.00 locally

What type of place had World at War for $25.00? This is the new or old version? I plan on buying this set when/if the "sale" hits...
World at War (http://www.deepdiscountdvd.com/redirect.cfm?referral=dvdtalkedt&goto=buyPage&identifier=ANE071374&promotion=y)

05-29-05, 12:54 PM
I paid $39.99 for Robocop Criterion when it was brand new on DVD back in 98(?) at Suncoast... That was too much but so were all dvd's back then. ;)

05-29-05, 02:59 PM
Maybe in the olden days I did, but since then I've done so many Columbia House orders that it's all balanced itself out. -wink-

visitor Q
05-29-05, 03:31 PM
Paid $70 for The Incredibles LE with Jack-Jack doll. I paid 16$ for the R1 copy during release week, so .. that's an extra $54 for a freakin's doll!!!! And I do not believe there are any additional features available on this R3 disc release. It's ok though - I've just begun getting into LE/Box set releases .. and I believe in most cases, if I decide to sell down the road, I should be able to recover most of the initial expense.

... and this doesn't include the $120 I just dropped for the R2 LE Kill Bill V1 uncut Box set. But, it hasn't arrived yet, so I'm only partially including it for reference.

I need to slow down ...

05-29-05, 04:16 PM
What type of place had World at War for $25.00? This is the new or old version? I plan on buying this set when/if the "sale" hits...
World at War (http://www.deepdiscountdvd.com/redirect.cfm?referral=dvdtalkedt&goto=buyPage&identifier=ANE071374&promotion=y)
It was the newer, brown cover 11-disc set. I saw it used in a record shop. I first noticed the price being around $70 but after noone bought it after a few weeks, they marked it down to $25. It too remained unsold for weeks. The shop knew what they had since they use a national, computer-access database to determine the values of their used DVD's, but nobody wanted it.

The most depressing thing I'd seen in their store was an unopened Mystic River 3-disc set for $7.00.

05-29-05, 05:12 PM
Yes, the first few I bought back in 1999 were from Record Town (aka Coconus or FYE). Everything there, even the sale DVDs, is too expensive.

05-29-05, 05:31 PM
I paid the vastly inflated canadian prices for several "import" criterion titles including Robocop.

athough im glad I have them now as many are OOP :)

Mike Lowrey
05-29-05, 06:24 PM
Let's see...I think I've got a couple extreme cases of over paying for some DVDs.

The first was probably buying the Crow: Dimension Collector's Edition box set with the first three movies when the box set was priced at around $80 or so. Even that was over-priced for just 3 movies. A little while after that, probably 6-12 months later, the price dropped down to around $40. Now you can get the set for $31 at DDD.

The second was Sci-Fi Channel's Frank Herbert's Dune: 3-disc Special Edition. I actually bought it a couple days before street date at an On Cue (Suncoast's sister store) for MSRP of around $30. Now you can get it for just over $9 at DDD.

05-29-05, 07:01 PM
Never. I want it....I'll buy it and not really care. If I own it...it was worth it, regardless of the reason.

Except for gas...I don't really pay too much for anything. Just whatever I have too. Of course I charge my customers for gas...so thats easy, peasey, japaneasee.

Sorry, just watched Shawshank.

Mr. Cinema
05-29-05, 09:51 PM
Pretty much all of FOX's first dvd releases back in 98 or 99, the ones that retailed for $34.99 and had 0 features and non-anamorphic transfers.

05-30-05, 01:59 AM
I paid a ridiculous amount of money for The Boondock Saints on DVD. Granted that that was before it had an official US DVD release, but I still laugh everytime I see it in the store for like ten dollars.

05-30-05, 02:21 AM
Everytime I spend more than $10 I feel like I've spent too much on a DVD :)...

Actually, I buy the biggest percentage of my discs at pawn shops or on half.com, so I seldom ever pay more than $10, even shipped. In rare cases if I just HAVE to have something on release day, I do just that, get it while it's on sale rather than wait a week when it raises $5.

Living Dead
05-30-05, 02:31 AM
Every time I buy a Criterion DVD, I pay too much.

05-30-05, 08:59 AM
I came late to the game so I've pretty much kept the price which I buy my dvds to be pretty low (if not free when those sites were still popping).

The most I payed for a dvd was the complete Ronin Warriors set. It was like $77 (still under going rate) but it hurt just the same.

05-31-05, 09:04 AM
I paid $50 for a copy of <i>Weird Science</i> on Ebay when it was out of print. Six months later, I could get the Hughes High School Reunion set for half that price. :( I didn't even watch the Image disc in the meantime.

05-31-05, 09:51 AM
Every time I buy a Criterion DVD, I pay too much.

05-31-05, 11:34 AM
I paid $25.31 for American Psycho Unrated (New condition) on Ebay becuase I didn't want to settle for the rated version.

Also, I paid nearly $30 for the 2 Disc Fight Club after it went OOP.

05-31-05, 01:12 PM
I am so glad I didn't buy ED WOOD when it first came out and I missed it after the recall. That was one bullet I dodged but I sc**wed myself with EERIE INDIANA (paid $25 but now its about $15). I paid too much for DEAD RINGERS Criterion ($30 used). I have to constantly remind myself that I can live without and wait for another release.

05-31-05, 01:18 PM
Everytime I spend more than $10 I feel like I've spent too much on a DVD :)...
Same here. I always buy on Columbia House or wait for sales. Too bad CH doesn't have as big of a selection as they used to.

05-31-05, 01:26 PM
paid 35 for Clerks before the MSRP dipped. :(

05-31-05, 01:55 PM
I bought Salo. Does that count?

05-31-05, 02:02 PM
I don't think I've overpayed for much. I would if I had actually paid money for any of my few criterions I have, but I almost always have traded something in exchange for them. I can't see any reason for paying $30 for one movie.

The worst part is checking out something like Wal-Mart's 4.88-5.50 bins and seeing something that you know you paid full price for when it came out.

Josh H
05-31-05, 02:20 PM
Not really. I often probably over pay by $2-3 on new releases as I just generally get everything at Best Buy as it's on my way to work while Wal-mart, CC, Target etc. are not.

Of course most everything hits the bargain bin sooner or later, but I don't consider that overpaying when I paid $15-20 at launch as I got to enjoy it for a few months longer.

Michael Corvin
05-31-05, 03:42 PM
Most I have paid for a single title was the OOP Devil's Advocate 3 years ago. $40. Not outrageous at the time since new dvd's went for actual SRP in store. Of course if you bought online that number is way off. ;) Also spent $40 on a Champaigne "Jersey Trilogy" box. That hurt. $40 for an empty box.

On the flip side I've unloaded a number of OOP titles for ridiculous amounts of money, usually when I find a new version is on the way.

Quantum Leap: Pilot DVD 1997 OOP: sold for around $40 after they announced the first season.
2 different Wonder Years 1997 OOP: Sold for about $35 each.

Bought all three of the above for about $5.99 retail. :lol:

And the best were my James Bond discs while they were OOP two years ago. Right around Christmas time. Probably averaged $50 per movie for about 10 of them.

People want their movies no matter what the cost.

Spanky BananaPants
05-31-05, 04:08 PM
I paid $6.00 for Gigli. Paid way too much for that one.

Other than that, I've learned my lesson, much like many of you have. If I don't pick up a disc in it's first week, I'll wait six months (or more) for the price to drop.

05-31-05, 05:10 PM
The Kubrick and Oliver Stone Boxsets 130 and 150 respectively. Although good deals at the time they are worth at best half that now. I don't even want half the movies in each set. I was such a sheep. I followed the DVDTalk heard and bought the set instead of the individual titles I wanted.

Oh, well, there are worse things to be stuck with.

05-31-05, 10:34 PM
Original Anchor Bay Uncut Day of the Dead (1985)
For $35.00 at Suncoast...
It was when I just started getting into Zombie films and went out and bought as Many as I could find, little did I know that this was OOP for sometime!!!

Another DVD that was quite expensive was the Band of Brothers Box Set for like $80.. I think, Great Series, but not ALOT of replay value

Dr. Calamari
06-01-05, 04:32 AM
The worst part is checking out something like Wal-Mart's 4.88-5.50 bins and seeing something that you know you paid full price for when it came out.

If I had a dollar for every time I've done this, I could buy more DVDs than I currently have (maybe even Criterion Colection DVDs)...what really sucks is realizing you could've saved money by being patient, but you wanted your Instant Gratification right now, so you bought before the inevitable price drop.

06-01-05, 01:45 PM
Check out the international forum and you will see a lot of people that paid a hell of a lot for DVDs, myself included. I don't think that too many have any regrets though. All you have to do is check out threads on Alien Quadrilogy Head, the Alien vs Predator Monster Box, the I Robot Sonny Head, just to name a few (and probably the most expensive ones)...

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