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05-16-05, 11:17 AM
Any news on this one coming to dvd anytime soon...

05-16-05, 11:32 AM
I havent seen on thing yet, but I would guess it would come out in the fall to coincide with when Season 5 airs on HBO.

05-16-05, 12:03 PM
Curb season 4 (http://www.dvdanswers.com/index.php?r=0&s=1&c=6527&n=1&k=curb+your+enthusiasm&burl=r%3D0%26g%3Dinfo%26s%3D1%26k%3Dcurb%2Byour%2Benthusiasm%26x%3D0%26y%3D0)

05-16-05, 02:45 PM
I love that cover.

05-16-05, 10:40 PM
I still don't understand why a season of any show on HBO is only half the number of episodes of a season on a normal network.

Dean Kousoulas
05-16-05, 11:11 PM
Quality over quantity.

05-17-05, 12:31 AM
Very odd cover but kinda cool.

05-17-05, 02:07 AM
I love that cover.
So Do I :D

Based on what I've heard about Larry David's personality, I'm guessing a lot of people would cough-up whatever the carnival guy wanted for three chances to bean that bald head!

Love the show and can't wait for season 4.

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