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Y2K Falcon
04-27-05, 09:30 AM
Looking in Other, it seems odd that there are no posts through, say, midnight to almost 3am Pacific 4/27. That would seem odd for a Forum of this size. But I posted in a the "Graveyard Insomniac" thread at about 2:48am on 4/27. When I view the thread, my post is there, but currently the thread still lives on page 2, with the poster before me being the one listed as the last post, on 4/26 at about 2:47am.

I'm guessing there are others like this? :hscratch:


04-27-05, 09:36 AM
might be a database issue..I'm sure Geoff will look at it when he wakes up

Y2K Falcon
04-27-05, 09:39 AM
Well, Could you post if you confirm that thread behaving this way? Otherwise, it could apparently be dismissed as my lack of sleep. ;)

04-27-05, 12:12 PM
clock was off on the forum DB. I fixed it so hopefully it should be all good now.

04-28-05, 12:57 AM
I notice this sometimes, too. late at night when i'm researching and stopping in to see what's going on, make a post and then try to edit, the board just freezes. it'll just show the progress bar as if it's doing something but nothing happens. if i click on the thread again, the message is there but i never get confirmation that it was changed.

and yeah, same as the OP, sometimes new message don't bump the thread to the top. i'll keep track of it tonight to see if it's still happening.

04-28-05, 04:40 AM
@1:40 AM, Southern Cali, still happening ("save changes" or new reply just hangs while loading, page does not refresh, but actual new/changed message appears)

Y2K Falcon
05-31-05, 03:29 AM
Noticing it tonight, only after 2am Central (midnight forum time?). It only seems to happen with a "Quick Reply", as I have posted the regular way and it seems to work fine.

I'll try a quick reply and it will just hang with the "progress bar" thingy just slowly filling up. If I try to 'stop' and post the same message again, it gives me the "same post in last 5 minutes" message. When I look in the thread, the post is there, but when I refresh the main forum page, a message older than mine shows up as the "last message" for that forum.

I fixed my issue by reposting with a regular "Post Reply". But the problem seemed to be happening with the post by mndtrp, at 2:13am 5/31 (I guess 12:13 Pacific) in the "Moderator murder" thread, post #20 (reply #19) which didn't update on the main forum page.

Can you tell if a post was done with quick reply or not? Probably not, but I thought I'd report what I saw...

I'm posting this message with Quick Reply as well. :)

EDITED TO ADD: It posted right away, no timeout, and updated the Forum main page to indicate the post being made in this Forum. Maybe something kicks off at midnight your time, Geoff, that then finished within 30 minutes? :hscratch: Though that would be odd if it was only Quick Replys that are affected by this...

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