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04-22-05, 11:43 PM
has anyone seen this anyware? thanks in advance

Al Padrino
04-23-05, 01:00 AM
It's not out until June, why would anyone have seen it this early?

04-23-05, 09:01 AM
dvd price search says its already out, where are you getting your june info?

Al Padrino
04-23-05, 11:28 AM
Are you talking about Dragnet 67 or the Dragnet from a couple years ago? If the former's true, it's not out until June and if the latter's true, it hasn't been announced for release yet.

04-23-05, 11:48 AM
Thanks for adding the "?" in there. We don't want to get anyone excited -rolleyes-

04-23-05, 04:12 PM
The newest one (with Ed O'Neill) was originally announced to be released Nov 11 2003 but was then pulled for some reason. Speculation from tvshowsondvd.com was due to the pending merger of NBC/Universal was the reason they just put it off, but it's unknown exactly why it was pulled.

Red Dog
04-23-05, 04:13 PM
If they do release the Ed O'Neill Dragnet, I would hope they do the whole series in one release.

04-23-05, 04:53 PM
sorry, when I was posting I could remember Ed O'Neils name so I said remake. So it has never been released, thanks.

04-25-05, 10:39 AM
I figured the remake's release was pulled due to the show's lacklustre ratings for the second season. ABC pulled the show before all the produced episodes had even aired. If they'd have left it on Sunday nights, it might've still been on the air.

04-25-05, 11:40 AM
I seem to recall the cancellation of the Series and the cancelling/postponing of the DVD release happening in the same week. I'd assume the thinking was something like "people aren't watching the show, why would they buy the DVDs?"

Shame, I actually liked the show...


04-25-05, 11:51 AM
If they do release the Ed O'Neill Dragnet, I would hope they do the whole series in one release.
Yup, I'd be all over it if they did. Wonder what name they'd go with then...Dragnet or L.A. Dragnet?

04-25-05, 12:53 PM
If they do release the Ed O'Neill Dragnet, I would hope they do the whole series in one release.
they'll probably do a "Boomtown" (although that was released by Lions Gate, was a NBC show) ..they'll release half of the show (season 1 and not season 2) and forget about the rest..

It would be smart of them to put it together, but somehow, I imagine they'll go with how it aired, releasing Season 1 of "Dragnet" ..then Season 2 "L.A. Dragnet" and try to work some crazy promotion thing in there....

although different shows, Roselyn Sanchez was on both Dragnet & the new Kojak ..considering they're both cop shows, they'd have similar fan base, and NBC/Universal owns them both, they could advertise (not that they can't advertise it anywhere) Dragnet dvds on USA and get some semi decent sales from the Kojak fan base (if there is one?) maybe..ok I'm done ranting..

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