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02-10-05, 12:12 PM
Ok, I'm thinking about getting the Inspiron 600m, but I've got a few questions about it. Btw, I'll mostly be using it while on travel to play games, watch movies, surf net.

1. This will be my first laptop, and I'm wondering if a 14.1" screen is too big for using on a plane. Will it fit easily on the food tray?

2. Most of the hotels I stay at now have free high-speed internet, but I'm not sure if it's wireless or what. Does the 600m work both ways? (ie: through the wireless card, or through the ethernet port on the back)

3. Lastly, right now it's $30 bucks cheaper to get the 802.11b wireless option, instead of the 802.11b/g option. Is it worth the extra bucks for the 'g'? While I'm on travel I'd just be browsing the web. If you can plug the laptop directly into a router through the ethernet port then I'd just use that to transfer files from my main pc while i'm home.

02-10-05, 12:16 PM
1) yes
2) yes
3) i'd opt for g since its faster. This might be stretching it but getting things done faster will save on battery life.

"The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) certified a new standard, 802.11G, by merging two incompatible wireless networking standards 802.11B (goes far but not fast) and 802.11A (goes fast but not far). The new G standard has a 150-foot range, and the top speed is 54 Mbps (as opposed to 11 Mbps that we had with the B standard). "

02-10-05, 01:26 PM
Is now a good time to pick a 600m up, or is it likely to fall dramatically in price soon?

02-10-05, 01:55 PM
Yesterday was a much better time. They had a 20% off deal on the 600m but it ended at midnight. My wife and I were looking at the 600m or 700m as well, but after reading reviews online we were dissuaded from the 600m and the 700m had a funky sized keyboard which my wife felt would be really difficult to type on. We went with the 6000 which was 25% off, was already discounted $150 with a special pricing package, then took an extra 12% off for my corporate discount.

Specs were:
15.4" WSXGA+
1.6gHz Pentium M 730 (new Sonoma processor)
80gig HD
1gig RAM
3 year service contract
for a total $1248 + tax. I don't see how you can beat that.

02-10-05, 01:58 PM
I almost bought a 600M yesterday myself (I have the same discounts as Mordred). But I passed. However, Dell has deals all the time...my recommendation is that if you are patient and check frequently you can get a better price.

02-10-05, 02:00 PM
I almost bought a 600M yesterday myself (I have the same discounts as Mordred).Well thanks for making me not feel special jerk.

02-10-05, 02:01 PM
That's a pretty good deal indeed.

I would be able to get the 600m for $899 in this config:
1.6GHz Pentium M
512MB ram
40gig HD
32MB ATI 9000

Does that sound like a pretty good deal?

The thing about the 6000 is that it seems a little too heavy for travel for me.

Michael T Hudson
02-10-05, 10:18 PM
That seems like a good deal. I paid 979 for a similar model with a combo drive a few months back. I would get the 1400 by 1050 screen. I am having problems with the bluetooth and it seems form the Dell forum to be a common problem with the unit. Otherwise it is solid.

02-11-05, 12:07 PM
Wait for the upgraded bus speeds

02-11-05, 07:48 PM
When are these 'upgraded bus speeds' coming out? Does that mean we'll start to see prices of the current models drop significantly?

Also, when I clicked the 'estimate taxes' button on the dell web site, it says taxes will be like $45. I thought they didn't do tax for most states...is Virginia one of the unlucky few?

02-11-05, 08:25 PM
I've had my 600m about 18 months and love it.

It is a little tight on planes. But I also have an IBM for work that is a 12" screen, it is also a little tight. I like the 14" screen, it is a nice size. Which I really appreciate once I get to the hotel

Yes, the 600m has built in Eithernet so you can get wired or wireless. Getting B or G will in part depend on what your doing. If only net surfing and e-mail then B should be more then enough. Remember Cable or DSL will only push about 4-5 MPS tops. B will carry 11 MPS, so it is already faster then what you can get the information. However, if you plan to do computer to computer transfers then I would go G.

The 600m has a very good weight at right at 5 lbs with a 14" screen and built in optical drive.

The only problem I have had is with the Bluetooth. I highly recommend skipping the built in Bluetooth. You can always get a USB Bluetooth key if you need it.

If I had to do it over, I probably would buy the exact same computer. I have played on the 700m and like it, but the keyboard is a little cramped.

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