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01-27-05, 05:36 PM
Howdy all.

I am new to this forum.

I am trying to create DVD's from a stack of old "Beta" video tapes.

The old Beta VCR's are getting harder to find in working condition, so
I was hoping to save all of my old home movies onto new DVD's.

Better yet, I'd like to capture the video from the home movies onto my
computer, edit them, and put together all the best stuff from many tapes
onto one or two DVD's.

I bought a DVD burner (a Sony unit - very new 16x8 dual layer etc...)
but my computers are a few years old.

My fastest one is a P3 1.2 GHz machine. I have an older ATI TV tuner
card as a video input source too.

When i try to capture video on this machine, the audio comes through OK,
but the video is jumpy. It plays ok for a few seconds, then the video stops
and skips ahead every few seconds.

I can provide details on the hardware if it is important - but I was wondering:

What is the minimum hardware I should have to do this? Specifically:

Motherboard, Processor speed, RAM, hard drive size, hard drive speed,
video capture card type, etc...

I would like to go out and get a faster machine, but I want to know what
I need to get first.

Thanks in advance,

-Jason Z.

01-27-05, 05:53 PM
I would recommend a standalone DVD recorder, either with or without a hard drive.

If you needed to edit the recording you could take the DVD from the recorder and do it on your existing computer, but the work of converting the tapes to MPEG-2 would be done on the recorder.

01-28-05, 07:30 AM
I agree with X, getting a standalone recorder is much easier than buying a whole new computer.

Before I bought my new computer (for reasons unrelated to capturing), I had a 1.8ghz processor Pentium4 with 256mb memory and an ATI All-in-wonder 7500. I could capture just fine at the DVD setting as long as I wasn't doing anything else with the computer.

I would recommend reading a few articles at http://www.videohelp.com on capturing if you're going the computer route.

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