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01-03-05, 06:24 PM
First off, why doesnt this site ever have any damn sales like DDDVD? Theyd probably get alot more sales that way.

Anyway, has anyone ever bought a soundtrack on here? I was looking for the soundtrack to Carnivale, and I cant find it! I also tried Lord of The Rings, Spider-man, Gladiator, and new random movies, but I get nothing! Anyone know whats up with that or what Im doing wrong? I even put in a title that they have featured "The Aviator" and it comes up with "0" found! Whats up with that?

Thanks for the help

01-03-05, 07:00 PM
You're probably searching by Artist and not Album. When looking for soundtracks you need to search by Album.

01-03-05, 07:14 PM
internet 101 ;)

01-03-05, 07:39 PM
their service is spotty at best, and when looking for more obscure titles, you're mostly SOL

01-03-05, 08:39 PM
I've ordered twice from them, both times mainstream artists, one new release and one classic library release. Both times my order was on backorder, and both times I waited 4 or 5 months until deciding they weren't going to come through. I've got no use for them.

01-03-05, 09:30 PM
I ordered once from them. Said it would take 2-3 days to ship it out, actually took a week, but I got my hard to find cd and all was good. Probably would stay away from them due to lack of choices and the prices are not the best.

DVD Josh
01-03-05, 09:35 PM
I've tried to order from them twice. Both items were listed as in stock. Didn't get a think for 3 weeks. When I called to cancel and the CSR asked why, I said "because I have no faith I'll ever get this item from you". He said, alot of people say that. Nice.

01-03-05, 09:41 PM
I ordered two things from them last year, and they were they were cheaper at DDCD than at any other site I checked--and DDCD, just like their sister site, had free shipping (still do, I believe). My order arrived in a timely manner (I think it was less than a week). Most of the other CDs I've bought online since have been from Amazon, but I wouldn't hesitate to order from DDCD again. In fact, I was pricing a few CDs today between DDCD and Amazon, and DDCD came in cheaper than Amazon did for all but two (out of thirteen) CDs.

No complaints here.

01-03-05, 11:06 PM
I haven't ordered anything from them since 2002 when the Rolling Stones ABCKO remasters were being released. It took a month to receive them, so to quote nightmaster's post..."I've got no use for them."

01-04-05, 12:21 AM
right, if you don't mind waiting FOREVER to get your items, they're a great place to get a good deal. for tons of other complaints, you should check out bizrate.com's profile makeup of these guys.

01-04-05, 01:18 AM
Hmmmm... well can anyone suggest a good site that has free shipping or cheap prices?

Buford T Pusser
01-04-05, 01:51 AM
My last order I got everything in about one month.

The time before I never got half of the stuff I ordered and it was not hard to find stuff.

01-04-05, 07:36 AM
Future bargain/store recommendations need to go in one place if they are to continue being posted here.

There is the option of posting in Bargains or Store and putting a link in this thread to assist those that don't hang out in those forums.

We have a bargains and a store forum and I believe that there is no longer the rationale that there was when Music Talk started for usurping the function of those established forums.

Moderator, Music Talk


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