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11-24-04, 01:36 AM
check out this awesome set for I, Robot coming out in Japan.
why dont we EVER get anything like this??


heres the specs from IGN

Disc 1:
Commentary by Alex Proyas and Akiva Goldsman
Commentary by technical staff
Composer Marco Bertrami (sp?)
Still Gallery (30 pics)
Trailers for Fox features: AVP and Elektra

Disc 2:
I Robot Feature (96 minutes)
CGI Design featurette (36 minutes)
Robot Featurette (about robots in sci-fi) (31 minutes)
Deleted scenes
Film Maker Tool box. Contains a VFX demo, a profile of WETA and a look at some of the scenes.

11-24-04, 01:41 AM
First they had the Alien head thingy for their Alien Quadrilogy, now this (from Fox too)?!

That's probably because Japanese are used to paying top dollars for a DVD, and they also are used to paying for packaging anyway.

Btw, it looks like the rest of the world is getting a 2-disc treatment for I, Robot. We in R1 get shafted by a 1-disc release instead.

11-24-04, 03:55 AM
looks like yet another 1 disc version I wont be buying (I didnt buy The Day after Tomorrow for the same reason).

11-24-04, 06:01 AM
already mentioned in the International forum


Michael Corvin
11-24-04, 06:31 AM
Originally posted by Dazed
looks like yet another 1 disc version I wont be buying (I didnt buy The Day after Tomorrow for the same reason).

I just ordered a region free player this week just for this reason. I'm tired of getting the shaft on these releases. I, Robot was the main reason for the push. There is like 3 hours of bonus materials NOT on the Region 1 disc. BTW, it is also already released overseas whereas here it doesn't come out for a couple more weeks.

On the Sonny head:
Important info not mentioned in first post:

Price: around $180 :eek:

It is already sold out.

11-24-04, 06:39 AM
This really belongs in the International forum, but since it seems it's already been mentioned there...

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