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11-22-04, 06:48 PM
Kiyoshi Kurosawa, whose brilliant Bright Future is in theatres right now has another film coming out here, this one going straight to video is called Doppelgänger and it's being released on Jan 25th by Tartan U.S.A.



Gerry P.
11-22-04, 07:38 PM
Starring Koji Yakusho. Awesome.

11-23-04, 10:16 PM
I loved Cure so I'm eager for this. But where is Pulse which is also supposedly excellent? :(

11-23-04, 10:46 PM
Nope, no plans for a R1 of PULSE anytime soon, I'm sure you're aware of it's R3 availability.

11-24-04, 03:53 AM
i have the japanese doppelganger. whilst many slated the film, cos of its apparent light-hearted approach, i found it as dark as kurosawas other work in its undertones : almost breathtakingly dark (a less obviously, more sophisticated "dark" this time)... i think its superb, and highly recommend it to everyone. there is already a cheapy R3 Korean disc of this, "Seance" and "Bright Future" out there... i would buy those over supporting tartan, who usually do a bad job, even if it looks like an impossible task to do so...

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