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View Full Version : Does anyone know when the Subspecies (1-3) or C.H.U.D 2 will come out on DVD

11-21-04, 12:24 AM
thanks in advance and does anyone know anything about the limited edition subspecies 4 it doesn't seem even ebay carries it.


rarier than Sal'o criterion it is...

11-21-04, 02:17 PM
I would love to have all of the Subspecies titles but they're just not available except for the last one Subspecies 4 which I do have, but i've been waiting for the other 3 to come out but as far as I know they havent yet.

11-21-04, 04:25 PM
BUD The C.H.U.D. hahaha bet its a great film, I love part 1 but really I hope I never see part 2 in my lifetime :)

but its out on other countries, so why isnt it out in america ? strange, a conspiracy? you would think Anchor Bay would get it at least.

11-21-04, 05:32 PM
paramount I belive owns all of full moons early work so you will probably never see this on dvd. Full moon gets the rights back next year but I don't think full moon really exists anymore. Luckly I have all of these movies on dvdr from laser disc.

11-21-04, 07:21 PM
CHUD 2 is out in R2...full frame, Dolby Stereo...It's got Artisan and Columbia-Tristar logos on the back, so I'm not sure who actually owns the rights oversees...anyway, it's a crappy release, but if you want it, go for it

11-21-04, 07:38 PM
I got the R2 Chud 2 to hold me over. It isn't a great release, but alas, it is actually out. If a good release comes, I will drop it with no regrets because I have had it and enjoyed it for a long time.

The rest of the Subspecies movies are tied up in Full moon legal hell like so many great titles are. I want those terribly, but alas, they won't be coming out anytime soon.

11-22-04, 12:24 AM
well thanks for posting guys it seems everybody has the same response,

oh and Does anybody have any new on a region 1 release of Night of the Demons 2?

11-22-04, 07:37 AM
Spanish Imports...20 bucks a piece. Never ordered from them don't know how they are. Love the Puppet Masters and Subspecies series, but I'm not spending that much for em. Don't know if you need a region free or not.


Full Moon debacle:





11-22-04, 03:25 PM
C.H.U.D. has one of the best commentaries I've ever heard. Rates right up there with Carpenter and Russell...please listen to it!!! :D

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