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11-11-04, 10:31 PM

THAT thread was both fun and fun-ny(Think Different). Now what has that got to do with DVDs??? Everything. Read On.

While it was meant to be a simple poll .... sumhow we managed to somehow find a way to screw it all up. What are we-- toddlers in a playground?

Of course- here i have to insert a disclaimer....
***DISCLAIMER: That was meant to offend noone. Not even toddles. ***

:D :D

Another disclaimer:

Could it be that we sumhow managed to get the parody/sarcastic/lampooning humor of Monty Python's Flying Circus (now available as a Megaset at only $99.88 over at DeepDiscountDvd.com) and yet catch-no-balls with that last one?

Well, thats said. The thread did spawn some interesting bits about Men and Women. The thread started off with some panache from 2 ladies who stated cooly "Yea, we are here". What poise! How succinct these "wo-men" we hear of! From Venus, they say! How wonderful life would be if these wo-men were to control the DVD sport ;) instead? If only, if only... Then, the men came. And along came with them err--how shall i put it-- INTERESTING comments like how wrong my grammer was(the "I" in I means You!), even one claimed to be both from Mars AND Venus! How extraordinary these Men from Mars! So whos the better of the species? Who cares... this is a DVD thread!

:D :D :D

So whats the deal with all those Seinfeld dvds?

PS: 15% of our population here are females. Nice.

Laser Movies
11-12-04, 12:18 AM
Maybe this thread will attract the womyn.

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