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11-09-04, 02:51 PM
I have been trading in a lot of my collection to Blockbuster because of their latest promotion.

However, I wanted to know how to research DVDs (for their current value) so I can see which ones are rare, out of print, limited releases, Criterion, etc.

I ask this because I have reading that Blockbuster has been giving more then the minimum $8 to very few titles. Although some are two disc sets and out of print and didn't get more then $8.

I haven't encountered this myself

Thank you for your help in advance.

So far I have traded in:

Love Actually
Fahrenheit 9/11
Kill Bill 2
Star Trek Nemisis
Bad Boys 2
Bad Boys 1
Memento (not special Edition)
Casablanca (not special edition)
Sinbad (animated movie)
In the Bedroom
Lost in Translation

and some PS2 games:
X2 Wolverine Revenge
Minority Report
Bass Club

11-09-04, 05:13 PM
www.ebay.com and www.amazon.com

11-09-04, 05:40 PM
I find it hard to believe that anyone would be willing to give up a OOP or rare title to blockbuster. Sure, they can give you more than the 8 buck min. But it really isn't going to come anywhere near the amount you may get on ebay.

11-10-04, 09:33 AM
Thank you for your response, is there any other sites that show the current value of the different editions of DVDs?

Are any of the titles I listed rare or OOP?

Also I think thats not a bad Blockbuster deal considering you don't have to be involved with shipping or anything and they also give you the tax back.

11-10-04, 11:06 AM

Doesn't this topic come up like once every few days here - from somebody sure they're going to make big bank selling crap on eBay?

11-10-04, 12:05 PM
Hell, I'll believe anything..just saw preorders for the Twilight Zone 80's season one on Ebay..for $69.00 and some guy actually paid it...when you can preorder on Amazon for $49 that seems rather dumb to me. not to mention it mentions will ship before the 1/5 street date...which is really 12/28

11-10-04, 12:23 PM
A lot of people think Ebay = bargains which is not at all necessarily the case anymore :(.
There are still some good bargains to be found, but you have to filter through all the crap, bootlegs, and power sellers.
Somethings worth what someone else will pay for it. Other than boards like this, i second the browsing/searching of ebay or other auction sites [don't forget to check 'Completed items' as well]. Maybe half.com for a more standardized view, but one bad thing, it doesn't tell you how long something has been listed.

11-10-04, 04:04 PM
Thay's why I wanted to find a site that actually places value on DVDs (like comic books)

I know how valuable Crietrion DVDs are but I wonder about others...especially since these companys keep re-issuing the same DVDs.

Does anyone know about any site like that (I would hate to sell a DVD to Blockbuster for $8 and its worth 2 or 3 times that)

Thanks again.

11-10-04, 08:28 PM
There's no site like that. Your best bet is just to read the forums or go to the trade part of the forum and look at what people have for sale. They will put OOP by the out of print DVDs. Other than that the LE DVDs are of value as they eventually sell out. It also depends on the amount of LE DVDs produced obviously.

11-10-04, 10:57 PM
If you have any DVDs that might be rare, its best to e-mail me first then I'll let you know if you should sell them to Blockbuster.

11-11-04, 09:34 AM
You guys are great...I've been asking around and Fletch and popcorn are on to something (I'll be checking out the trade forum).

The Criterion editions are truly rare because the production amount is low and they even announce the number. It safe to assume that Columbia house, Blockbuster, Best Buy (horrible place) and Circuit City have any rare items on the shelves or care.

Recently I went to a local non-video store and bought the original VHS tapes of Star Wars, Empire and Jedi (used obviously) and a co-worker offered me a $100 for them, I didn't sell, there for my future kids to see how great these versions were before they were tampered with.

I'm thinking about starting a thread that announces which DVDs are rare, hard to find and Out of Print. I hope the rest of the memebers will help.

11-11-04, 10:00 AM
Originally posted by thesaint

I'm thinking about starting a thread that announces which DVDs are rare, hard to find and Out of Print. I hope the rest of the memebers will help.

there is a thread that is sort of like that, but it shys away from Criterions and such.

11-11-04, 10:14 AM
thanks I'm about to check it out

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