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10-16-04, 10:49 PM
Saw this tonight after seeing Williams on a talkshow earlier in the week.

From Yahoo:

"In the future, microchips implanted in your brain record everything you see and here. Then when you die, a "cutter" assembles the footage into a memorial video for your funeral, editing out all of the unpleasantness. The most sought-after cutter is Alan Hakman (Robin Williams), a detached man who believes his work can absolve the dead of their sins. While editing the memories of another cutter, he uncovers a disturbing piece of his own past which leads him to question the way he's lived his life."

I enjoyed the film a lot, and I think it will end up making my top 10 for the year. It doesn't try to be anything more than it is, however the ending became a bit predictable (but was still fitting, imo).

It had an "Equilibrium" feel to it for me, in the sense that it was a quality sci-fi movie that probably isn't going to have very much commercial success in the theaters.

When I finally get around to rating it, I see it as a B+ or A-

Anyone else see it?

10-17-04, 03:25 AM
I read the novelisation a few months ago. It was good, though I felt it lacked drama. I do want to see the movie.

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