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09-29-04, 02:17 AM
Obviously the big commercial out now is the Mike Vick one, but the one I'm talking about is slightly older. It is a Nextell commercial and features these two guys dancing TERRIBLY at work with another guy sitting on a office drawer blaring music from his boombox. Another employee walks in and is disturbed of what he sees. He asks the two why they are goofing off when shipments are deemed missing. The two immediatley stop--one pulls out his cell phone and tracks, the other does it by laptop. They say it's all done and taken care of and the guy turns back on the boom box and they start dancing terribly again.

It's hard to describe online and probably doesn't sound funny, but if you've seen it, it is.

My question is does anyone know if that commercial can be downloaded so I can see it again? Maybe from a certain website? Thanks.

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