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09-24-04, 10:33 PM
Here's the trailer:



Michael Keaton plays successful architect Jonathan Rivers, whose peaceful existence is shattered by the unexplained disappearance and death of his wife, Anna (Chandra West). Jonathan is eventually contacted by a man (Ian McNeice), who claims to be receiving messages from Anna through EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), the process through which the dead communicate with the living through household recording devices. At first skeptical, Jonathan then becomes convinced of the messages' validity, and is soon obsessed with trying to contact her on his own. His further explorations into EVP and the accompanying supernatural messages unwittingly open a door to another world, allowing something uninvited into his life.

Looks freaky... like Frequency meets The Ring.

I think I'll pass.

09-24-04, 10:35 PM
You're better off skipping the movie and just listening to actual recordings on Coast to Coast or likewise. I'm sure the real thing'll is creepier than any movie could match.

09-24-04, 11:50 PM
Voices from old threads are calling....




09-25-04, 10:47 AM
Then I guess these three threads need to be merged... oh well. That wonderful reliable 'search' feature strikes again!

09-25-04, 12:42 PM
yeah the other threads are pretty bumped too. im suprised you didnt see them. but it looks like a good movie.

09-25-04, 01:56 PM
He couldn't see them because Goldberg74 is already dead and he only sees what he wants to see.

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