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09-21-04, 12:39 PM
I watched this movie last night and I have a bunch of questions. Usually I "get" intelligent movies but not this one. Here are some questions I have. 1. I didn't realize that guy was supposed to be Sarah Polley's father. He was making out with her early in the film. What was up with that?

2. What was the point of this movie? Was there a metaphor or something? Was Ian Holm's character trying to find someone to punish because of his daughter?

Please help!

09-21-04, 06:33 PM
To answer the first question.... A lot of them ARE canadian.

Count Dooku
09-21-04, 06:55 PM
What's up with that?

Well, it's called incest, and it's the motivation for her actions at the end of the film... y'know, revenge.

Was Ian Holm's character trying to find someone to punish because of his daughter?

The idea is that he is trying to convince the parents that someone is responsible for their childrens' deaths... that someone is guilty... that there is someone they can direct their anger at.
The irony is that because of the situation with his daughter, Holm should know that none of that is true. And he foolishly thinks involving them in a lawsuit will help them, but stirring up their anger is just tearing the people apart.

Was there a metaphor or something?

The Pied Piper stuff was a metaphor.
The Pied Piper took all the children of a town away, and left behind one crippled child, who regretted not being able to go with her friends.

THE POINT of the movie is to present a dramatic and thoughtful story that explores the feelings of grief and anger, and how those feelings can make people feel powerful and powerless.

If you're looking for a moral or lesson from the film, I guess it would be this: Don't fuck your daughter.

09-21-04, 10:38 PM
Thank you Count Dooku. That was very helpful.

DVD Smurf
09-22-04, 11:52 AM
Read some good reviews such as these...

James Berardinelli (http://movie-reviews.colossus.net/movies/s/sweet_hereafter.html)

Edward Guthmann (http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/1997/12/25/DD1646.DTL)

Strictly Film School - Atom Egoyan - Reviews (http://www.filmref.com/directors/dirpages/egoyan.html)

too name a few... personally, I loved the film as it brought me very close to the characters through their agony and pain of their loss. I also like the allegorical connection with the Piper... see the extras on the DVD.

Cheers :beer:,

DVD Smurf :)

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