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Edgler Vess
08-24-04, 01:37 PM

My brother offered me the first six seasons of the series " Friends".

I had never seen any episode.

I already watched the first eight episodes and I reasonably liked ; everything is very politically correct.

I ask:

From now on can I expect:

- An improvement in the general quality of the series ?

- More irreverence in the characters ?


Is the sample of the first eight episodes representative of the whole?




No spoilers... please

08-24-04, 01:40 PM
It depends on your taste but In my opinion Season 1 pales in comparison to the later seasons which progressively get better with Season 5 being a high point

08-24-04, 02:18 PM
I agree, later in the series there was a lull point where they seemed to dig deep for storylines but in they rebounded from there. If you enjoy the series and the characters now it will get much better. Plus watching them in order will help with jokes, storys etc. Of course I am biased, its probably my favorite show ever and treasure my DVD sets.

08-24-04, 02:30 PM
It gets better. The first season was hit and miss.

Brain Stew
08-24-04, 02:43 PM
It only gets worse, that's why it was on television for 10 years.

DVD Josh
08-24-04, 02:45 PM
Originally posted by Brain Stew
It only gets worse, that's why it was television for 10 years.

How does one never see a SINGLE episode of Friends? Even being out the country doesn't work as an excuse! :)

To answer your question - it gets much funnier. I think you are getting the best in 1-6. 7-10 are decent, but dont' seem as fresh.

Just watch S5's "The One With Ross' Sandwich". My personal fav, you'll be rolling on the floor.

08-24-04, 02:45 PM
Yes Much improvement.

08-24-04, 03:09 PM
I think season four is my favorite. The One with the Little Embryos (the one where the boys and girls compete for the apartment) is my favorite episode of all of them. If someone is offering seasons 1-6, take them and then get the rest.

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