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07-25-04, 07:54 PM
Yes its all legal. I have some DVD's I want to convert into Divx files (specifically a wedding dvd, not that its important ;) ).

I know there are about 100 different ways of doing this, but I was wondering if there was a one-stop solution for it that would rip the DVD, encode an AVI file with XVID or DIVX codec of the main VOB file etc?

Kind of like DVDshrink is a one-stop backup solution, but that one doesnt 'export' to an AVI file as far as I can see.

I'll consider commercial and free software alike.. I just dont want to spend a day learning the ins and outs of it.. Insert DVD, select movie file, export to AVI or something like that is what im looking for.

07-26-04, 12:16 AM
If you have the unencrypted vobs and an ifo dvdx should be able to convert it to avi/divx

07-26-04, 02:04 AM
You should also check out Dr. Divx which is commercial and AutoGK which is freeware.

07-26-04, 11:20 AM
Second Dr. Divx or AutoGK.
Dr.Divx is a little easier to use, but AutoGK can encode into Xvid which I now prefer over Divx.

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