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05-27-04, 01:44 AM
I remember seeing this movie when i was around 1990-92 on cable (i think showtime). it was about a mortorcycle gang (Hells angelish) who are on the run from the law. all i remember is a scene in which the all shotgun beers and i think there it a scene at the end where they are confronting the police and there attacking them.

The movie was awesome from what i remember and i'm dying to see it again. Thanks.

05-27-04, 08:04 AM
I'll take a stab at it....

Stone Cold with Brian Bosworth & Lance Henriksen. It came out in 1991.

Info on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102984/

05-28-04, 12:43 AM
no thats not he movie. i remember that movie but this had more of a action-comedy theme compared to "Stone Cold" which had the over the top "B" movie theme.

05-28-04, 10:12 AM
Maybe it's Beyond the Law w/ Charlie Sheen(came out around '92) great movie!!!

05-28-04, 10:24 AM
Originally posted by Gcomeau
Maybe it's Beyond the Law w/ Charlie Sheen(came out around '92) great movie!!!

If that's the one where Sheen plays an undercover cop and becomes best friends with the leader, Michael Madsen, then yeah, that is a good one. Haven't seen it in a long, long time.

05-28-04, 12:32 PM
That's the one.

05-31-04, 02:03 AM
sorry for the bad news but that is not it

I'm dying to find out what it is, the problem is the only thing i really remember is the big biker dudes shotgunning beers

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