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05-12-04, 12:21 AM
Here's some interesting news, I hope....

The original Fanfan La Tulipe with Gerard Philipe and Gina Lollobrigida is (maybe) coming out in England. Why do I say maybe....well, the cover work provided is clearly the one for the original release yet in the cast section I see Vincent Perez's name which leads me to believe that someone made a mistake and thought that this was the newer rendition with Penelope Cruz and Vincent Perez. HOWEVER, I also see that the aspect ratio is 1.33 which is indeed the ratio of the original. Take a look at the French cover and the projected British coever-they look identical...so here's hope!!

British Cover- http://www.sendit.com/img/video/cover_big/front-sorted/7000000/09/02/55.jpg

French Cover-

The street date is May 24. For the record the French dvd does not have English subs.

direct link here:


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