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05-09-04, 08:45 PM
I am sorry for starting another thread on this matter but I wanted to be sure it was seen and not passed over...

I recently purchased a 4900 and last night I tried to watch the region 2 Delicatessen with the remote hack. I know there is a way to make it permanently region-free with the burned CD and all, but I do not currently have a computer to do it so it will have to wait...In the meantime, I want to use the remote hack to watch other regions.

I put in Delicatessen and when the "Check Region Coding" message came up, I pushed "Menu", then "1", and then "Play", but the only thing I got was a little red not allowed symbol (circle with diagonal hash mark through it) in the right hand corner. I pushed display and tried to pick a track, then play. No good. What am I doing wrong? I even tried pushing the buttons simultaneously. Please help. I bought the machine from Frys about a month ago. Is it possible that Toshiba fixed the hack? Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks....

05-09-04, 09:39 PM
I had no problem playing Delicatessen. I just hit top menu, menu, ad nauseum, until it started. This is, of course, before I used the CD to fix the problem permanently.

~~ PAL ~~
05-10-04, 05:18 PM
You might have to repeat the patterns a few times. The permanent solution is much better, you should implement it as soon as you can get a CD to alter the region setting.

Paul Drake
05-11-04, 11:34 PM
Regarding the CD solution - is there any danger of this causing permanent damage to the player? I have been leary of doing this for that reason.

~~ PAL ~~
05-12-04, 01:47 PM
No, as long as you use a good CD image, there's no danger of damaging the hardware.

05-12-04, 02:34 PM
Definitely do the CD. I've got a 3900 (same player, just doesn't do DVD Audio) and I did the CD. It beats having to fight with it to play a disc. With the extremely high quality picture and a trouble free region hack, this has got to be the best player I've ever owned. You can have it when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

05-12-04, 11:36 PM
Thanks for everyone's responses. I finally got it to work with the [Top Menu] [1] and am now able to enjoy the beauty that is Delicatessen. Now the only problem is where to start with all the other titles I want from other regions...Am so excited to finally be able to get more DVDs....Thanks to everyone for turning me on to this player...

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