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05-03-04, 01:41 PM
Anyone play it yet? It seems to be getting mediocre reviews so far.

Michael Corvin
05-03-04, 02:57 PM
no, but the guy on the front looks suspiciously like a cross between Clint Eastwood and Roland of Gilead from Stephen King's Dark Tower series.

05-03-04, 04:52 PM
This is a title that seems interesting, but I too am waiting for some player reviews.

05-03-04, 07:39 PM

05-04-04, 08:41 PM
So am I the only one that bought his game today? First non-sport game I bought in about a year.

05-05-04, 10:42 AM
They had it to play at my local Gamestop and what little I played was pretty fun. I'll rent and then decide if I want to buy or not.

05-07-04, 08:49 AM
I got mine for XBox yesterday. I've only had a chance to play it for about 20 minutes - just the training mode. I like what I've seen. Nothing that'll revolutionize the industry - just a straight-ahead arcade shooter, which is what I wanted. Only problem I had is that the XBox locked up when I tried to do my first save, so I replayed the training mode really quickly again, and it saved fine. Had to leave for work at that point, so I haven't been able to play it since.

05-07-04, 09:59 AM
I heard this was originally a Capcom game and was meant to be sort of a modernday Gun.Smoke (Arcade/NES). I didn't get to play it but watched it last night.. looked interesting.

05-07-04, 01:48 PM
$38 @ Fry's! Xbox/PS2

05-07-04, 03:40 PM
Originally posted by PixyJunket
I heard this was originally a Capcom game and was meant to be sort of a modernday Gun.Smoke (Arcade/NES).

Taking that point into consideration, its a very fun title to play. People just expect much more now in their gameplay, therefor it will be considered mediocre by many.

Corky Roxbury
05-08-04, 08:59 AM
actually quite a few people are in love with this game on some xbox boards, I rented it last night but have not played it

and pixy yes it was orginally a capcom game, and now that it is out by Rockstar, everyone will complain that it plays nothing like GTA

Captain Pike
05-08-04, 06:50 PM
I'm very intersted in this game too. Looks like it could be fun. The reviews are mainly positive but for $50 I'm inclined to hang back until I either rent it or hear from a wider variety of players. I'm a sucker for westerns though and if it's average or above then I'll probably take the plunge.

05-09-04, 12:34 AM
I see no reason to believe that this won't be 19.99 somewhere within 3 months.

I'm not saying it's a bad game, in fact, I plan to buy it. But it seems like 90% of all games hit that pricepoint somewhere within a few months.

Am I wrong?

And if it is 19.99 at BB or CC, that makes it 14.99, and coming home w/ me.

05-09-04, 11:34 AM
Having played this game for a few hours now, I'm really liking it. I'm guessing that more experienced and skilled gamers might be disappointed by the lack of depth to the game, but for me it's perfect. It's just great, mindless arcade fun, which I don't seem to come across that often these days. Like Max Payne, you're required to play the game on the easy level the first time through and then you unlock other modes after you complete it (according to the manual - I haven't finished the game). So if you're the kind of person who's looking for a challenge along the lines of Ninja Gaiden or Splinter Cell, I imagine you'll feel cheated at 49.99 for this. You'd be a fool to skip it when it hits 19.99.

06-08-04, 05:07 PM
Just saw a preview for this on TV. It looked excellent. Think I'll check it out. How has eveyone liked it so far?

06-08-04, 05:26 PM
This game is surprisingly very good. I was hesistant from the mediocre reviews it had recieved but I played through it anyway. It turns out to be a very fun/atmospheric little action game. Some of the levels can be somewhat frustrating, but it isnt too bad for the most part. Just don't expect great level design or intelligent enemies, it is the old western movie mechanics that make it fun. (Hiding behind cover, showdowns)

I also think the quick draw showdowns are the best part. The game does not explain how to win them very well, but you figure it out by the time you have failed against the last two or three a few dozen times.

If you are unsure about the game, go ahead and wait till it drops in price, I'm sure it won't take long. But I do recommend it as a worthwhile play, just not for full price.

Oh and the multiplayer is pretty bad.

Hope this helps

06-08-04, 06:25 PM
I was disappointed in this one.... The AI of the enemies is horrible. You'll be shooting at a guy right in front of you and he'll be kneeling down hiding from you as if you were 25 yards away. Other times they'll be running robotically right at you, you shoot at them, and they automatically start running backwards at the same speed they were running forwards. They don't even turn-around! The programmers must have been heavily inspired by Yul Brynner. It was really quite hilarious at times.

Overall the graphics are craptacular. None of the characters look realistic in the least. They all look like they were drawn by Doodle Bob or at the very least someone who has a dysfunctional relationship with geometric shapes.

And the showdowns, I found them to the most annoying part of the game.

Now..the cut-scenes and Ennio Morricone-like atmospheric music (was it even Morricone himself maybe?) was the best part of the game and that's just very sad because gameplay is all the really matters to me.

Josh H
06-08-04, 06:35 PM
It got a pretty bad review in EGM. I'm at work, but if I recall correctly they gave it a 6.0, 4.5, 4.5.

06-09-04, 03:06 PM
I rented it a couple of weeks ago - and was not impressed.

My friends and I only played the multiplayer - which did suck - but we never messed with the single player so I can't comment on that.

I don't recommend for multiplayer action - but the single player mode may be worth it according to other people.

06-09-04, 04:32 PM
This is an owesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is like Max Payne in the Wild West. It has Wild West Bullet Time.

I will recommend this game to anyone only if you are into games like Hitman or Max Payne. It has a good ending and looks like there is going to be a sequal.:)

07-12-04, 01:10 PM
^ bump for a great game.

After I finished Spidey 2 on Saturday I put this one in, and I have to say I'm mighty impressed. Probably because there's just nothing like it out. I think it succeeds because it didn't try to give you the Wild West, but instead it gave you a Spaghetti Western's view of the Wild West, complete with the grainy film filters, great licensed soundtrack music, and cinematic flair.

I'm also impressed with the graphics. The environments all look really good, and some times the bump-mapping looks scarily real. I also like how the characters don't look "real", but more like a caricature of what a true cinematic Western hero would look like. I don't think there's one thing Rockstar missed on this one in regards to the presentation, it is fabulous.

The gameplay does have some faults but it's saving grace is the variety of it all. Train robberies, showdowns, bar brawls, wagon rides, everything. Sure the camera can be at fault, and the game might be too short, and it has severe clipping and AI problems, but whatever. It's all about the journey, and this one's a lot of fun. It's short enough I could see myself playing through it again, especially when I get my WS HDTV setup, this one would look unbelievable.


07-12-04, 01:25 PM
Awesome game

07-12-04, 11:20 PM
i m stuck on the general diego part, how do i destroy the nine + canons, those thing are whooping my A$$; are there any health kit in that stage? any tips how to to destroy those canons are appreciate. thanks

the showdown is pretty hard to master since the ai shoots u only one shot and u r dead.

07-13-04, 07:35 AM
Originally posted by the_dude8
i m stuck on the general diego part, how do i destroy the nine + canons, those thing are whooping my A$$; are there any health kit in that stage? any tips how to to destroy those canons are appreciate. thanks

the showdown is pretty hard to master since the ai shoots u only one shot and u r dead.

You have to shoot your flair toward each of the cannons. To do that, click on the right thumbstick, as you would with the "dead eye". This will ignite your flair on the rifle. Now just aim at a canon and shoot. Take out a couple of them and then you get to fight an onslaught of Yankee troops.

The toughest part is yet to come - you have to defend three of your troops as they set charges on the bridge. It takes time but you can do it!

This was one of the funnest levels in the game. Wide-open environments, nothing but shootin'. It helps to not have your aim inverted during the showdown, because when you do the down-up motion, if it's inverted the cursor will start downward, and you lose time bringing it back up for a headshot.

Have fun!


07-28-04, 10:39 PM
Just finished single player mode this evening, loved the game, there were a couple frustrating parts (waiting around for your partner to unlock the door to the mansion while being bombarded with troops)

Was frustrated with the duels for about half the game, until I actually read on how I was supposed to correctly do them, I think I got the final boss on the 3rd try

It is nice to play a simple controlling game once and a while

Will try bounty hunter after I get some of my other games under my belt

07-29-04, 01:34 PM
I picked up this game after reading this thread. I'm only up to the chapter where I play the girl. But I'm really enjoying the look and feel of this game.

Thanks guys for the recommendation!

Obi-Wan Jabroni
10-11-16, 03:52 PM
12 Year Bump.

This was released on PSN for PS4 today. It's priced at 14.99 and is up rendered to 1080p and has trophy support

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