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04-28-04, 09:36 AM
OMG this show is hilarious! I got done watching Seinfeld on TV last night and was flipping through and came across Adult Swim and the episode where Peter starts his own country (Petoria) started. I was laughing out loud almost through the entire episode! His family is hiliarious, especially his children and the baby (Stewie I think his name is).

Then last night I watched another one and it had Meg trying to get into Brown University and Peter tries to "help" her by printing lies in the high school newspaper! This was very funny, but I was rolling on the ground when Stewie was trying to control Peter's son. :lol: :thumbsup:

This show is like a darker, more mature Simpsons that holds back no punches. I did some searching for DVD reviews and was sad to hear it got canceled after the 3rd season? Ahhh, this is no fair. Nonetheless, I will be getting these box sets as soon as I have money.

Just thought I'd share!

04-28-04, 09:43 AM
1. Welcome to the fold! Glad to have more Family Guy fans onboard

2. The show is expected to be back on the air by January. Production has supposedly already started, thanks to the popularity of the DVD sales. :D

04-28-04, 09:44 AM
You really haven't been keeping up, have you? :)

Long story short, the DVD demand for these sets have caused the show to go back into production. 35 new episodes are planned for next year. There's also a feature movie on the way.

Ted The Bug
04-28-04, 10:56 AM
Yep. 13 episodes to air during the second half of the 04-05 season (starting in January) and a full 22 episode season order for the 05-06 season.

Fox agreed to put the show back into production a few months ago and they were able to get back into the swing of things right away because they had a bunch of scripts lying around they were never made into episodes and all the voice actors were available.

04-28-04, 11:19 AM
:hump: You guys just made my day! :hump:

04-28-04, 06:38 PM
yea.. that show gets reaired/cancelled more than any other show i can think of

very controversial and borderline for the censors..

but so damn funny :up:
definitly had to get the collection on dvd

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