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04-28-04, 01:03 AM

Every once in a while a movie featuring an 'anti-hero' type character comes along and kicks my ass.

Well, the namesake of this film is the anti-hero to end all anti-heroes. McDowell as the older and Bettany as the younger play one of the most evil characters in my memory--a sadistic, power-mad, ruthless London gangster who stops at nothing to be #1.

I hate Paul Bettany. First he impressed me in the otherwise mediocre A Beautiful Mind. Then he married Jennifer. (OK, it's not an acting comment, but I had to say it.) And after his awesome supporting turn in Master & Commander and now this--he is one of the BEST young actors working today. He embodies the younger McDowell, even though they look so different. Uncanny. And it was McDowell's strongest performance in years.

Check this one out...I'm not even a fan especially of English crime films but this one is more than a genre piece. Well done, Paul McGuigan. :thumbsup:

Has anyone else seen this?

04-28-04, 01:19 AM
I've been thinking about picking this up blind for several months now. I might need to sell some stuff so I can get this movie. Sounds really good.

04-28-04, 01:39 AM
its a pretty good flick. my brother loves it. definately one of the better brit gangster flicks in a while. check it if you havent seen it

04-28-04, 02:22 AM
I thought it was alright.....picked it up as a blind buy a while ago.

04-28-04, 12:10 PM
I've wanted to see this for a while - I may rent it over the weekend.

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