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04-26-04, 11:53 AM
I wanted to see if anyone has a recommend way of destroying data on a pc, in a fairly automated way. I might be quiting my job at some point soon, and want to securely wipe out the drive on my pc and laptop before I go. Something on a floppy that is just boot up and go would be ideal.

any suggestions?


04-26-04, 12:56 PM
let me find the link, I found a boot floppy that will do it. I haven't tried it but it was pretty highly recommended


04-26-04, 01:18 PM
Heh. Go with a deadman's switch in case they fire you first. :)

I've written a few in my time. But not one as bad one my friend wrote that messed up the programming of a mini that controlled depositing epitaxial layers on silicon chips. The company reverse-engineered the programming and questioned him as to why the date it happened was in his code.

04-26-04, 01:45 PM
I heard a story and saw pics so I think it's true, of some hacker that put a large amount of thermite on top of the drive with a switch to electronically ignite the magnesium to ignite the thermite. if teh fbi ever did a no knock all he had to do was hit the switch. no more drive, and most likely a burning house

04-26-04, 02:15 PM
Thanks for the link, I'll check it out. I don't want to do anything malicious, just covering my tracks type of thing. ;)


Tommy Boy29
04-26-04, 02:31 PM
Here's one that I've used that has worked really well called Autoclave. It can take a while, but then of course, depends how badly you want to "cover your tracks."


04-26-04, 02:50 PM

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