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04-21-04, 12:49 AM
Here's a title that I have been very much looking forward to- L'amore Eterno Finche Dura. Carlo Verdone's new film is very unlikely to get a R1 release any time soon (IF AT ALL :down: ).

With this said L'amore Eterno Finche Dura casts two actresses Stefania Rocca (Casomai) and Laura Morante (Ricordati Di Me, The Dancer Upstairs) that I've had nothing but praise for.

I absolutely adore Laura Morante and this will be a no brainer for me. So far the only info I have gotten from Cecchi Gori is that the disc will offer a DTS track. So, hopefully the Italians will include English subs....




french fan
04-21-04, 01:12 PM
Yeah, i like Laura Morante also and it's nice to see her doing other good work besides just appearing in Nanni Moretti's movies.
I believe she is also chosen to be the host at CANNES next month.

05-30-04, 01:07 PM
Some preliminary info I have found (sadly) indicates no subs for this release. I sure hope ICINE are incorrect-


http://www.icine.it/immagini/icone/dvd.gif disponibile dal , Audio 5.1: Italiano, Audio Surround: Italiano, Sott. non udenti: Italiano, Distr: Cecchi Gori, Extra: Backstage (5 min.)

I ABSOLUTELY have to have this film!! :(


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