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The Ferret
03-30-04, 09:53 PM
I come to your house and burn it, all your dvds burn with it. Which 5 do you go buy back first once you've re-settled in a house!? Yes this is similiar to what are your 5 favourite dvds or something like that but just go with it....


03-30-04, 10:19 PM
1.Scarface giftset
2.Harriet the spy
4.Saving Private Ryan
5.Paper Moon

03-30-04, 10:21 PM
I fire-proofed mine.

03-30-04, 10:22 PM
The Patriot
The Longest Day
Family Guy VI
Family Guy VII
24 Season 1

03-30-04, 10:27 PM
I would first get my 3 favorite comedy movies back

American Pie
American Pie 2
American Wedding

Monsters Inc Great show off material for the tv.
Malcolm in the middle first season box set, hillarious show. Keep in mind that i only have about 50 dvds im still starting my collection :)

The Ferret
03-30-04, 10:38 PM
Gooood goood keep em coming. I'm at around a dozen so, looking for some ideas on what next.


Spanky BananaPants
03-30-04, 10:47 PM
1. Fight Club
2. UHF
3. Cannibal! The Musical
4. Scarface Box Set
5. Indiana Jones Box Set

Wait a minute, are you really gonna come and burn my house down? Cuz that would make me sad...

03-30-04, 10:49 PM
by time you lit the match....you would be lying flat on yer back with a shotgun blast to the face...and a very pissed off rottweiler performing the throat death-grip. :D

I come to your house and burn it, all your dvds burn with it.


03-30-04, 11:37 PM
I have too many favorites to pick 5 to replace quickly. I was hoping this thread was what 5 of mine did I want you to set fire to, that would be easier.

the big train
03-30-04, 11:39 PM
First, I go to your house, steal all of your DVDs and sell them on eBay. Then I'd rebuy:

1. The James Bond Collection
2. Wrong Men & Notorious Women
3. Looney Tunes Golden Collection
4. Alias: The Complete First Season
5. Clue

03-31-04, 12:09 AM
Farenheit 451
Towering Inferno
um, err, Blazing Saddles

03-31-04, 12:09 AM
Actually I'd go to your house pee, skeet amd crap all over your DVD's and Home theater (so that you'd have no choice but to go through the pain of getting rid of your stuff) and then I'd go and find:

Ultimate Toy Box
Fight Club
The Matrix
Indiana Jones Box set

03-31-04, 12:17 AM
Assuming that I didn't use my own body to try to pat out all of the flames . . . likely dying in the attempt . . . I would probably go with (in no particular order):

- Band Of Brothers,
- Black Hawk Down, and
- Godfather Trilogy

Mike Lowrey
03-31-04, 12:36 AM
Star Wars Saga
Stargate SG-1 series
Matrix Trilogy
Band of Brothers

But first, before you could start the fire, I would ram one of my crutches down your throat until it touched your prostate. And then I would twist it, round and round, until you would whistle Dixie.

Tony Dvdfan
03-31-04, 12:39 AM
Dances With Wolves (leather case version from Korea)
Longest Day
Band of Brothers
Toy Story Box
Usual Suspects

03-31-04, 12:47 AM
Considering the number of times this thread has been done I was hoping for a new twist... like which 5 would you throw on the flames first :D

For me I'd go for:
Art of Illusion - interesting documentary for watching once but not really something you'd see often... must have picked it up cheap ;)

Best in Show - bought it a couple of years ago (again cheap, some sort of video story closing sale) but still haven't watched it

Cube2 - Sequel to a movie you really couldn't make a sequel to

Final Fantasy: Spirits Within - Love the CGI, hate the story

National Geographic: Beyond the Movie - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - Complete and utter waste of money and time. A collection of supposed connections between characters from the LotR and people in history... sounded like the result of a 10th grade history project IMHO.

To really answer the question though... to be honest if everything was lost I'm not sure I would really get into the buying frenzy again. Some that I would eventually get around to replacing though would be:

Miracles - fav Jackie Chan movie
Firefly - very underrated sci-fi show
Running Out Of Time - fav Lau Ching Wan movie
LotR EE versions
Arsenic and Old Lace - always been a fav of mine

03-31-04, 12:48 AM
Do you know how much money it would take to buy back all of my OOP Criterions!?

03-31-04, 01:02 AM
If you burnt all my DVDs my wife would love you :D, she every so often tries to get me to sell the whole thing off because it takes so much space.


03-31-04, 01:08 AM
Originally posted by nemein
which 5 would you throw on the flames first :D

My Number 1 choice would be Subway, no idea what I was thinking when I bought that.


And then Aquaria, cool concept, but not worth watching more than once.


#3 - The Italians, misread it and thought it would teach me Italian which is something I WOULD like to do.


More later...

03-31-04, 01:36 AM
1. Quest for Fire
2. St. Elmo's Fire
3. Streets of Fire
4. Chariots of Fire
5. Reign of Fire

03-31-04, 01:50 AM
1. Buck Naked Arson (2001)
2. Arson for Hire (1959)
3. Arson, Inc. (1949)
4. Arson Gang Busters (1938)
5. Arson Squad (1945)

03-31-04, 06:20 AM
Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace
Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones
Alien Quadrilogy
Superman Movie Collection
Indiana Jones Trilogy
Kurosawa movies

Upper pylon 3
03-31-04, 09:19 AM
The Towering Inferno
Great Balls of Fire
Little Nicky

03-31-04, 09:33 AM
Sopranos S1-S5 and Absolutely Fabulous Complete Collectuion


Buffy the Vampire Slayer S1-S5

A serious coin toss there... :D

03-31-04, 10:25 AM
Originally posted by Upper pylon 3
Great Balls of Fire

Holy crap, I thought I was the only one on the planet who knew about/loved that movie!

Anyway, in a fire I would grab as many <b>Angel</b> and <b>Buffy</b> box sets that I could carry.

03-31-04, 10:35 AM
Star Wars Box Set (provided the fire doesn't happen till after Sept 21st)
Indiana Jones Box Set
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring - Extended Edition
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Extended Edition
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King - Extended Edition (provided the fire doesn't happen until after November ??)
The Godfather Trilogy (if the fire starts before November ??)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Season 7 (if the fire starts before September 21st)

03-31-04, 10:37 AM
The first DVD I would allow to be burned in the fire is "Great Balls of Fire." Horrible movie! Alec Baldwin is a complete joke as Jimmy Swaggart (nothing like him at all). Dennis Quaid overacts worse than any William Shatner performance anywhere.

That movie is the poster child for bad biopics.

03-31-04, 10:45 AM
Eh, different strokes for different folks. It's kinda funny since The Star Wars Box would be the first one I would offer up to an arsonist, pre-doused with lighter fluid.

03-31-04, 11:20 AM
Originally posted by The Ferret
I come to your house and burn it, all your dvds burn with it. Which 5 do you go buy back first once you've re-settled in a house!? Yes this is similiar to what are your 5 favourite dvds or something like that but just go with it....

Screw the DVD's - it's an ass whupping for you. Me and my Baseball bat kick your ass for burning up my stuff.

03-31-04, 12:46 PM
Princess Bride
Last of the Mohicans
Rear Window

03-31-04, 03:36 PM
Snatch: Superbit Deluxe
Fargo: Special Edition
Fight Club: Special Edition
The Emperor's New Groove: The Ultimate Groove: Collector's Edition
Black Hawk Down: Deluxe Edition

I just went through my collection and picked movies DVD's that were in the highest rotation. I can watch any of these over and over.

03-31-04, 03:51 PM
Isn't this really just a "Top Five Most Re-Watched DVD" thread?

I wouldn't go back and pick up catalog titles that I've seen a million times - I'd probably pick up five things I wanted to watch *now* first (whenever "now" is).

So I'd have to go get:

Panic Room SE
The Commitments
Pulp Fiction: CE
Indiana Jones Trilogy
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

03-31-04, 04:38 PM
All 8 of my The X Files sets

everything else can go.

03-31-04, 05:11 PM
In no special order:

Rocky Boxset
Scarface Giftset
Rambo Boxset
Malena Korean Edition
Tinto Brass Boxset

03-31-04, 05:44 PM
What do you mean I have to go buy them?!!

If you came over to my house and burned it down along with my dvds.. I want YOU to go buy my first 5 dvds!

I don't care if these 5 dvds are what I like the most or not I would get you to buy the most expensive dvds or sets just because you burned my dvds.

03-31-04, 05:55 PM
All I have to say is that the metal slip cover surrounding my T2: Ultimate Edition would melt, turn into liquid metal, and reform into Robert Patrick. I would then order him to kick your ass, burn all your DVDs, and obtain copies of every disc of mine that perished in the flame.

03-31-04, 06:34 PM
(in order)

1. Pulp Fiction (2-Disc)
2. Fight Club (2-Disc)
3. Reservoir Dogs (2-Disc)
4. Back To The Future Trilogy

03-31-04, 11:07 PM
The Silence of the Lambs: CC
Sid & Nancy: CC
Dead Ringers: CC
Robocop: CC

and hope I can get the rest of my OOP's cheap

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