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03-14-04, 10:19 PM
Jamie gets to handle a case on malpractice when a pregnant woman dies in childbirth due to having a small uterus and complications arise, and no pre-natal care (out of work hubby) indicated her condition. The husband doesn't settle (the doctor offers $100,000 of his own money), even though the law caps the award in these cases at $20,000. The original judge was sympathetic in awards (striking down the cap per his prerogative), but he gets sick, and is replaced by a less sympathetic judge. In the end, Jamie makes her case, but the award is capped at $20,000. Jamie's client was somewhat satisfied with at least gettting a verdict. Jamie is a little distressed at destroying the career of the doctor (because this ruling will make it impossible for him to retain his malpractice insurance).

Eugene finally has had enough with Alan, and by getting Jimmy onboard, Eugene consults with a labor attorney to get his ducks in a row to fire Alan, and keeps Eleanor out of the loop. Eugene needed to have Tara change the password and do some of the transition work, and asks her to keep it confidential. Tara decides to tell Alan that the gig was up. Eugene does fire Alan, and ends up firing Tara. Eleanor was livid by Eugene's course of action. Eleanor finally tracks down Alan at a pub, and she was impressed that Alan was taking his termination well. Alan corrects her and as Monica on Big Brother 2 would say, "It's Awwnnnn!!!"

BTW, loved Alan's "This is Alan Shore and I'm with a prostitute, please leave a..." message on his answer machine.

03-14-04, 11:30 PM
Anyone know what the exact phone message. I forgot to write it down and want to use it for a prank at work. Thanks.

03-15-04, 12:31 AM
Alan's phone message and his message to Eugene on the computer were great

This should be great now with Alan vs Eugene and Jimmy. It'll be intersting to see hoe Eleanor and Jamie come in on this.

I take it this is how they're going to set up Spader's show.

The return of Lucy

03-15-04, 01:05 AM
Originally posted by clarkkent333
Anyone know what the exact phone message. I forgot to write it down and want to use it for a prank at work. Thanks.
I believe it's: "This is Alan Shore and you've caught me with a prostitute right now. Please leave a message". I could be slightly off, though.

Great episode. The scene with Eugene and Elenore was especially intense and emotionally charged.
Certainly taking the show into uncharted waters, which is a welcome change. Setting up the new series nicely, it seems. I missed the credits and was pleasently suprised to see Marla Sokoloff back on the show. Can't wait til next week; this could be fun.

Buck Turgidson
03-15-04, 01:14 AM
"I'm feeling the Mean Man Stare again..." :lol:

DAMN was it nice to see Marla's blue eyes and fully stuffed sweater again.

03-15-04, 04:38 AM
great having lucy back, I like her a lot more than tara

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