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03-07-04, 03:56 PM
Just bought this album and damn it smokes. The guy definitely worships at the 70s Motown/Marvin Gaye shrine. He has some pretty dark lyrics -"I really love it when we make mistakes/ Because once again it gives me a/ Reason to complain"- but overall it's a sexy friggin' record. As much as I like the dirty club songs, it's refreshing to hear someone woo the ladies over slow-burning soul.

03-09-04, 10:52 AM
First saw him on Conan [was it last week? or the week before last?] No matter. He had a pretty good vibe going on the show. I haven't given it a proper listening to, but it's on my list of things to do [right after the new Tears For Fears...]

I really have to start writing down/paying better attention to the name of Conan's musical guests in the future. He'll usually have a guest on that i'll be like "huh???! who the hell is that??!!" when he announces 'em, and then "damn, they were good" after they're done performing.

03-09-04, 12:14 PM
Yeah, I missed that performance but I bought it on the recommendation of a friend from another board and Entertainment Weekly. Conan typically has good guests -- I think the last really great performance I saw on his show was Solomon Burke. Reminds me that I need to locate some of his CDs.

Frank TJ Mackey
03-09-04, 04:43 PM
does he have a good voice, or is it that same new soul junk?

03-09-04, 05:00 PM
He has a good voice and it is [that same] new soul [junk]. Bracketed for everyone's convenience. But I think "new soul" is only applicable to him because he is current. Maybe he's "nu-soul" or "neu-soul" or "neo-soul." I dunno.

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