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02-08-04, 10:22 PM
On setting the modern day record for fewest points in a quarter:

2 in the 4th quarter.

And the game's going into overtime...

02-08-04, 10:26 PM
TEA 01 02 03 04 TOT
TOR 23 16 18 18 75
GS 17 29 27 02 75

02-08-04, 10:49 PM
wow! how the heck does this happen? that is absolutely amazing

02-08-04, 11:07 PM
I only caught the 3rd quarter. I turned it back on with 10 seconds left in the 4th. Its amazing and pathetic!!!

the aftermath
02-08-04, 11:14 PM

That's gotta be embarassing.

02-08-04, 11:18 PM
HEHE...that is HORRIBLE!!

I mean...come on!


02-08-04, 11:19 PM
Those Warriors are silly...

02-08-04, 11:42 PM
2 pts, you've gotta kidding me, talk about a snore fest rotfl

02-09-04, 12:01 AM
I'm just amazed that with only 2 points in the 4th quarter, it still goes into OVERTIME!?!

Apparently though, they didn't set the record - they only tied it. At least Dallas doesn't seem like the only loser :)

Golden State tied the NBA futility record for a period set by Dallas in the third quarter of a 1997 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. The combined 20 points in the quarter also set an NBA record for the fewest in a final period.

02-09-04, 09:44 AM
As a Warriors fan, at least they'll always be remembered for something.

Too bad, its not something good :(

~~ PAL ~~
02-09-04, 11:52 AM
They suck... -ohbfrank-

02-09-04, 07:17 PM
Make me proud to be a fan :(

02-09-04, 11:32 PM
Yeah. It wasn't pretty. 1/13 shooting in the 4th. And 9 turnovers in that quarter, or 7, or whatever... they threw the damn ball away so many times.

02-10-04, 02:04 PM
Its the killer 4th quarter Raptors D!!!!

(Just kidding, if you told me that the Raptors set a record for fewest points in a quarter, I'd never think on that side of the ball)

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