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01-26-04, 10:22 PM
Does anyone has experience with Tivo and TW Cable? I know TW has their own DVR but if I wanted to hook up a standalone Tivo (probably hacked to increase recording capacity), is it possible? And even if it's possible, is it worth it? It already bugs me that I have to remember to turn on and leave the cable box on the station that I want to record on my VCR. I miss how easy it was to just connect the cable directly to the VCR and record. I don't want to have to do that with the Tivo.

What's the typical monthly cost for TW digital cable in New York City? I tried looking it up on their website but there's nothing useful there.

Finally, if I wind up going with the TW DVR, can I hook up a DVD-Recorder to save whatever I recorded, since it's not likely that I would hack the TW DVR box.

Thanks for any help, info, or links.

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