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01-07-04, 03:48 PM
I'm only going to buy Alien and Aliens and the pricing I see on bestbuy.com and circuitcity.com are $19.99. Anyone know of anywhere that is having a sale on these movies right now?

01-07-04, 03:53 PM
amazon.com is offering a slightly lower price of $18.89.

01-07-04, 03:54 PM
Also, department stores or retail stores would be more convenient. Somewhere I could run to after work today and pick them up.. sorry I didn't clarify that earlier.

01-07-04, 04:44 PM
looks like the web is the only place your gonna save some money on it, target, walmart, and best buy all are carrying it for $19.99..

01-08-04, 07:38 PM
I got Alien and Aliens for $14.99 each at Walmart here in Connecticut.

01-08-04, 10:40 PM
$19.99 seems to be the best price in most places...there is already a thread about this in the Bargain section.

01-08-04, 11:27 PM
I'm a Best Buy full-time slave. Err.... employee... Anyway, even with our discount (5% above cost) I bought it at 17.46 I think.

01-09-04, 12:46 PM
Bummer my Walmart has them for $19.99, I was hoping they would be 14.99 like many other new releases.

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