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Professor Frink
12-31-03, 09:22 AM
I thought that <i>Bowling For Columbine</i> was a double-sided disc (it is MGM, after all). But I got a copy through ebay that was a 2-disc set. Is it legitimate?

It doesn't strike me as a bootleg. It came in a lot of about 10, and all of the rest were Region 1 discs. The artwork is all correct, and it has a chapter insert. Plus, it doesn't have any of those weird soundtracks or subtitle tracks that you usualy see on bootlegs (like Thai).

I just want to resell it (I wanted other ones from the lot, not this one). So did MGM release any 2-disc versions of this DVD?

12-31-03, 09:26 AM
Yes IIRC they released it in both styles. Can not remember the reason why but there is a thread somewhere on here that talks about it.

I have the 2 disc version...i think :lol: It has been a while since I opened up that DVD.

12-31-03, 09:27 AM
I was under the impression they were all 2-discs...

12-31-03, 09:28 AM
Mine is a 2-disc version.

12-31-03, 09:30 AM
Mine is double-sided single disc.

Professor Frink
12-31-03, 09:33 AM
Well, I'm starting to think that everything is cool. I was 100% sure about the double-sided version (that is the one we got to rent at my BBV). And several of you say you got a 2-disc one, so that sounds good.

Thanks for the help, guys! You're really quick!!

Matthew Chmiel
12-31-03, 02:29 PM
To meet with the demand of people who would buy Bowling for Columbine (mostly after the Oscar speech), MGM produced both DVD-14 discs for the film and two-discs (1 DVD-9 and 1 DVD-5) for the film, mostly since DVD-14s cost more and take more time to produce than a DVD-9 and a DVD-5. I know that if you go into Best Buy, you'll only be able to find the two-disc edition and while every place else will either have the two-disc set or the single disc version.

12-31-03, 03:31 PM
The 2 disk version comes with a coupon for 25% of any hand gun at at K-Mart.

01-01-04, 09:57 AM
Originally posted by Iron_Giant
The 2 disk version comes with a coupon for 25% of any hand gun at at K-Mart.

What's the point you can't buy any ammo there.

01-01-04, 11:26 AM
I believe rental stores got the one-disc while most retail stores got the two-disc. Of course, I could be wrong.

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