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12-30-03, 03:28 PM
I am wondering when will universal get around to release this on dvd. it was sheduled to beleased earlier this year,but is delayed.
could it be,they will add bonus material to it,commenties with johnnydepp,john waters,etc,deleted scenes,etc..

it is avaible in japan on dvd
but when will it be released in region 1.
i wonder if it slated to be released in region 1 in 2004,if not japan is the only way to go to get this on dvd,but i thinkit is high to pay for one movie to get to the united states from japan. i think it $50+ in usD. Idont want to import it,only to find I can get it cheaper sometime in the new year and on region1 in widescreen.

12-30-03, 03:41 PM
cmon, dvd talk, big money

12-30-03, 09:32 PM
A Possibly Ask-The-Director here:


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