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12-25-03, 12:45 AM
I am looking for a nice simple 20 inch tv. Found these two I like. Both have component inputs. The Toshiba does the anamorphic squeeze. Can i access the service menu on the Sony or Toshiba? Here are the tv's.
Sony=$265 Toshiba=$218 estimate
• 20" FD Trinitron. Picture Tube

• NEW! Component Video(Y,PB,PR)Input

• NEW! Side Speaker Design

• 3-Line Digital Comb Filter

• Stereo Sound System (5Wx2)

• Favorite Channel (5)

• Speed Surf™ Channel Selection

• Channel Jump

• Clock/Timer

• V Chip Parental Control

• Energy Star. Compliant

• Front A/V Input (1)

• Rear: AV Input

• Headphone Jack (1)
20" FST PURE® Fine Pitch Flat Picture Tube

Invar Shadow Mask

3-Line Digital Comb Filter

Advanced Velocity Scan Modulation

16:9 Mode

181 Channel Tuner

Tri-Lingual Icon On-Screen Display

MTS Stereo/SAP with dbx®

Double Baffle Speaker Design

5 W Audio (Total)


V-chip Parental Control System

Sleep Timer

Channel Return

Power Return

Noise Muting

Favorite Channel

Channel Labeling

Video Lock

Channel Labeling



Front Panel A/V Inputs

Headphone Jack

ColorStream® Component Video Inputs

Rear A/V Inputs (2)

Rear S-Video Input

RF Input

A/V Output

Glow Universal Remote Control

Unit: 23.25" x 17.5" x 19" (W,H,D)

50.5 Lbs

12-25-03, 01:41 PM
I had to make the same decision and went with the Toshiba. The squeeze was a big consideration. I think the Sony model I was considering didn't have component either -- this one looks like a new model.

The Toshiba's remote is a little strange, it's more convenient to change the input source than to return to the last channel. But it is also very versatile in controlling other components.

I think the Toshiba doesn't have a clock either. But I am happy with it and would choose it again.

12-25-03, 05:48 PM
Hey X, any idea if you can access the service menu on the Toshiba to adjust the pic/convergence? Thanks.

12-25-03, 05:59 PM
From http://www.keohi.com/keohihdtv/brandspecific/toshiba/servicemenu/accesstoservicemenu/20af41_servicemenu.html

-Turn the volume down to 0.

-Press the volume down on the front of the tv and at the same time press 9 on the remote. Wait a few seconds and the service menu should appear. Make sure to write down the parameter/value pairs before changing anything. You can scroll through the parameters by using the channel up/down on the remote

-Use the volume up and down on the remote to change the values.

-Press Menu on the remote to exit the service mode.

I needed to adjust the overscan/geometry (v size, v shift, h phase, h vco) and the sharpness way down. I used Avia.

12-27-03, 12:31 PM
Hey X. I just got the Toshiba. Am running Avia.I'm running the crosshair patterns and graphs to check the convergence. Noticed that first 2 of 3 patterns, the first two, the lines were different colors, purple, yellow, and pink. I'm used to the Sony and it's Service menu #'s. Can i fix this rainbow colors on my new Toshiba? Thanks.

Now i moved the tv from top of the box to the floor. Now i noticed some of the white lines that were pink now look yellow, and vice versa. I tilted the tv back and the colors dimmed slightly. I figured it must be a magnet or something nearby, but there is nothing. What you think it is?

01-14-04, 05:03 AM
I am using the crosshatch. The 30 IRE shows yellow, pink and purple in the white lines (bad). The 50 IRE is little less. And the 100 IRE is a bright white with just a hint of color, and on the far left and right you can still se some color. What the hell?? Right now i have the tv on the floor, and when i just turn the set a little to the left or right the colors change. Please help.

Well i spun a few movies, and they didnt look that bad. JUst that horrble rainbow on the Avia DVD crosshatch pattern. Does that warrent me to take the tv back?

02-04-04, 01:54 PM

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