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Doc Moonlight
12-21-03, 11:49 AM
Went to Target uesterday to buy a copy of Luigi's Mansion (on sale for $14). They were out, so I asked ofr a rain check. I was told at first by a "junior" stock clerk that Target "doesn't give rain checks on CDs or Games", but I asked another employee in the electronics department and got one. (on the way out of the store, I told the Store Manager that I didn't appreciate being lied to, but that's another story).

Anyway, one thing that's really cool about the rebate slip (which is computer printed at the register) is that it allows you to select a substitute in the same category. Here's how it's worded: "Choose a substitute and receive the same percentage off (and listed above) on a regular-priced item within hte same product category (i.e. TV for TV, doll for doll, shirt for shirt)" I'm thinking about going back and using it on another Gamecube game.

BTW; I bought the SOUTH PARK SEASON 3 SET, which was supposed ot be on sale for $32.99. It rang up at $39.99 and I didn't realize it until after check out, so I had to go to the Service Desk for an adjustment. That's where I saw the manager. He gave me an extra 10% off because of the error and the rain check incident)

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