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Lethal Nemesis
12-11-03, 03:20 AM
Sometimes I get a pop up error message that says something like:

Line: xxx
Error: SymRealWinOpen is undefined

I did some research and found out that it possibly has something to do with Norton's Ad-blocking software. I've found some other threads in other forums in which people have the same problem, but I still haven't found a satisfying answer as to how to solve this problem. If anyone has had the same problem and knows how to get rid of this, let me know. I have NAV 2003, IE6, and running XP.


Lethal Nemesis
12-11-03, 03:26 AM
P.S. I realize that a lot of people hate NAV and anything Symantec related, but if you have any advice other than simply switching AV software, that'd be great. :)

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