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12-05-03, 03:26 AM
It's kind of odd - I just can't get through to yahoo, yet others on the same RR network can.

Any ideas?

AVG and Spybot didn't come up with anything. I flushed my cache with ipconfig, and I jusc can't seem to get through. I've also tried both Firebird & IE.

There's some other sites I can't access either, so I'm not sure what's up. But it's mainly not being able to get to yahoo that's pissing me off.

tracert times out depending on which distributed server I try and connect to - first it was level3 and then cw.net.

12-05-03, 06:16 AM
I have roadrunner, but was having some connectivity issues as well. I determined that the problem was DNS related, ie Roadrunner's DNS server for my area was simply overloaded and didnt respond to every request. Roadrunner refused to do anything about it, so I hard coded my client PCs with alternative DNS servers. Ever since I did that, I have had no further issues connecting to any site.

12-05-03, 03:59 PM
Interesting. The yahoo! problem finally went away this morning, so I guess it was on their end.

Now I can set my fantasy football team. :)

12-05-03, 07:04 PM
I could get to www.yahoo.com yesterday/lastnight but not the my yahoo page or dailynews.yahoo.com

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