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12-03-03, 11:01 PM
I have both Adobe Reader 6 and Adobe Acrobat 5 installed. When I open PDF files from my hard drive, it uses Adobe Reader to open the file. When I open PDF files from the Internet using IE6, the computer uses Adobe Acrobat plugin to open the file in IE. What do I need to do to make IE use Adobe Reader 6 to open the PDF files instead of Adobe Acrobat 5?

12-03-03, 11:13 PM
Open Acrobat --> Edit --> Preferences --> Internet --> uncheck Display PDF in browser

12-03-03, 11:21 PM
I did that ... and IE asked if I wanted to Open or Save the file (the pop up box) instead of using Reader 6 to open within IE.

Then I uninstalled Reader 6 and re-installed it, and now IE is saying that it cannot find ACROBAT.


12-03-03, 11:22 PM
Ah, never mind.

I uninstalled Reader AGAIN, then re-installed it. It's working now.

12-03-03, 11:25 PM
When IE prompts you Open or Save, don't you have a checkbox option "Alway remember... "? If you uncheck the box, it will never prompt you never and remember your selection for that extension.

Why don't you try uninstalling Acrobat 5 and Reader 6.0 and then install Acrobat 5 first, follow by Reader 6.0.

12-03-03, 11:27 PM
Inside Program Files/Adobe/Browser you'll find the browser plug-in. Copy it into Program Files/Internet Explorer/Plug Ins and replace the existing Acrobat file. You can use Windows Explorer to find these.

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