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12-03-03, 01:12 PM
As the subject states I'm looking for some recommendations of some english comedies, dramas, and dramadies. Some flicks in the vein of "Maybe Baby", "Notting Hill, "About a Boy", and "Love Actually"(yes I'm a bit of a Hugh fan). Preferably flicks that have been done in the last 15 years or so (but I'm not dead set against older stuff). Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

12-03-03, 01:39 PM
Bridget Jones Diary?

12-04-03, 07:19 AM
Chente, forgot to add that one. I've seen it and enjoyed it.

12-04-03, 09:01 AM
Bend it Like Beckham?
Four Weddings And A Funeral?
Staggered (not sure if it's available in R1 though)

12-04-03, 12:25 PM
Not sure if these will qualify for what you are looking for but I went the time consuming but not specific route. Just did an IMDb search by country and listed some I remember when skimming.

Crying Game, The
Close My Eyes
Cement Garden, The
Butterfly Kiss
Brassed Off
Borrowers, The
The Office
Billy Elliot
Big Tease, The
Awfully Big Adventure, An
84 Charing Cross Road
FairyTale: A True Story
Feast of July
Feast at Midnight, A
Funny Bones
Frankie Starlight
Hope and Glory
How to Get Ahead in Advertising
Jack and Sarah
Little Voice
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Mona Lisa
Nuns on the Run
Peter's Friends
Pope Must Die, The
Princess Caraboo
Shirley Valentine
Still Crazy
Tall Guy, The
Twelfth Night
Truly Madly Deeply
Withnail and I
Wallace and Gromit
Bob and Margaret

12-04-03, 04:20 PM
Got two for you:

Waking Ned Devine
The Full Monty

12-09-03, 09:41 PM
Moving to <b>Movie Talk Forum</b>.

- David Stein

12-10-03, 09:34 AM
Some more that haven't been mentioned:

Saving Grace
Blow Dry
Secrets and Lies
High Heels and Low Lifes

12-10-03, 11:46 AM
The War Zone
Wonderland (Winterbottom)
The Young Americans

12-10-03, 12:46 PM
I really enjoyed Waking Ned Devine and Saving Grace - both films pleasantly surprised the wife and I.

12-10-03, 05:35 PM
The best english film ever made has got to be Snatch. Pure brilliance.

But these are also top quality movies:

Mike Bassett: England Manager. (Beats the crap out of Bend It Like Beckham but is only available on R2 I think)

Lock Stock and Two Smokin Barrells

Mean Machine (I liked this cause I'm a big soccer fan)

Ali G (This man is GOD)


12-10-03, 05:51 PM
If you like English sitcoms, try the Office.

12-10-03, 08:43 PM
Definately Snatch. Lock Stock is pretty good as well.

12-11-03, 02:10 AM
Also, check out:

The Nephew

. . . and . . .

Shooting Fish

the big train
12-11-03, 02:39 AM
The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain

I really liked it and it seems to fit all of the criteria in the original post (except that I suppose it's technically Welsh, not English).

"A hill! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... " -ohbfrank-

12-11-03, 01:13 PM
I saw Peter's Friends mentioned earlier and I would heartily second that one. Wandered across it when I became fascinated with Kenneth Brannagh and Emma Thompson in the mid 1990s and it still is one of my favorites today.

12-12-03, 12:38 AM
Boorman's The General certainly deserves mention (although it is more an Irish film than English). An absolute tour de force performance by Brendan Gleeson.

12-12-03, 03:17 AM
If we're gonna branch into Irish films, I gotta give a tip o' my hat to the Kevin Spacey film Ordinary Decent Criminal. I never had heard of it before seeing a trailer on some obscure film I rented one night, but I gave it a try on Netflix and actually enjoyed it. This despite hating just about everything Spacey has done since L.A. Confidential and Usual Suspects. It also stars Colin Farrell and Linda Fiorentino. It's a crime comedy/drama and it's quite nice if you go in with your expectations low. Actually, I think Spacey's character is the same one as the one Gleeson plays in The General if I remember right. But two very different types of films on the same story.

12-12-03, 03:18 AM
Much Ado About Nothing

Tom Campbell
12-12-03, 07:33 AM
The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain
Brassed Off
The Commitments
The Snapper
The Van

12-12-03, 11:52 PM
The OP hasn't posted again but you can also try the following two links for more ideas.

Comedy-UK-1980-2003 (http://www.filmaffinity.com/en/topgen.php?gen=CO&limit=100&ctry=UK&fromyear=1980&toyear=2010)

Drama-UK-1980-2003 (http://www.filmaffinity.com/en/topgen.php?gen=DR&limit=100&ctry=UK&fromyear=1980&toyear=2010)

12-13-03, 12:11 AM
The Importance of Being Earnest

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