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View Full Version : How do I find an IM on my PC?

11-30-03, 04:29 PM
I needed to save an IM message, but my wife closed the box by accident. Is there any kind of search I can do for Yahoo Instant Message files? Also, if anyone knows, what is the extension for AIM also? I can't remember which I was using at that time. I remember a while back when people were doing a Kazaa search and finding people's IM's on there, so I know it can be done somehow.



11-30-03, 05:56 PM
You'll need a 3rd party software to log IM messages. Trillian, an all-in-one IM program supports all your major IM services, frim AIM, Yahoo IM, MSN, ICQ, etc, and logs the messages by default. Aside from that, if you didn't save your message, it's gone.

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