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11-27-03, 03:27 PM
I was ready to buy the Onkyo HTS760 http://www.circuitcity.com/detail.jsp?c=1&b=g&catoid=-10041&qp=0023802423374&oid=70772&index=0

but then i saw the Panasonic SCHT900

What attracted me to the Panasonic was that it brought a Progressive 5 disc DVD player which i greatly need so i can upgrade my old dvd player. Yet the Onkyo seems like a better system? What do you guys reccomend? Do any of you have any experience with any of these HTIB? I'm leaning towards the Onkyo system but I like the Panasonic better because of its styling and DVD player that it brings. But the onkyo brings more features. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.

Oh and i have a Toshiba 65H81, 65" Widescreen HDTV.

Here is a link that compares both systems.
http://www.circuitcity.com/compare.jsp?oid=72367&oid=70772&catoid=-10041&department=Home+Audio&category=Home+Theater+Systems&cattotal=31&page=2&compare_items.y=4&compare_items.x=23&hdENTERed=no&qp=0023802423374&sort=Price&fv=0&fv=0&caller=searchresults.jsp&c=1&b=g&strBackURL=searchresults.jsp%3fcatoid%3d-10041%26department%3dHome%2bAudio%26category%3dHome%2bTheater%2bSystems%26cattotal%3d31%26page%3d2%2 6hdENTERed%3dno%26sort%3dPrice%26fv%3d0%26fv%3d0

11-27-03, 05:06 PM
I have the Onkyo 760 and i like it. I would buy it. Then use the $75 gift card to buy a new dvd player.

Oops I hadn't realized they rasied the price of the Onkyo to $600. Check in store the Santa Barbara, CA CC had it for $500 this week in store.

11-27-03, 05:39 PM
Onkyo hands-down. Sure, bells & whistles are nice, but you *really* want audio quality and the Onky has it all over the Panny....

11-27-03, 05:51 PM
I think I'm gonna go with the Onkyo except I'm gonna get it from Onkyo direct refurbished because it comes out to $509 with them. and it includes a DV-SP301 DVD Player. So i guess it comes out better with them.

11-27-03, 06:10 PM
Panasonic makes nice products, but in terms of the HTIB comparison, Onkyo is an easy recommendation over Panny. There are factory refurbed Onkyo 760s available at Amazon for 300.

12-21-03, 09:46 PM
Just to bring this back up, I was wondering if the OP ever made a decision on this purchase. I would like to get a MT set-up (nothing major, just something to watch movies with and play games), and these are two systems I had been looking at.

So, did you get the Onkyo or panny? How does it sound? Thanks in advance.

12-25-03, 04:01 AM
I sold both units at CC, and can easily say that the Onkyo blows the Panasonic (and most other units) out of the water. If anyone is thinking about the HTS760, it should be an easy choice to get that one. I own it myself, and it's fantastic.

12-26-03, 10:15 AM
I can second that choice. I have the HTS767 and it is a great HTiB setup. I think the HTiB tag doesn't fit it well as it's just a bunch of seperates boxed together. Can't go wrong here.

BJacks-Do you have your front speakers on stands? If so what kind?

12-27-03, 03:14 PM
Originally posted by Spyfy
BJacks-Do you have your front speakers on stands? If so what kind? Omnimount 16 inch (link (http://www.circuitcity.com/detail.jsp?c=1&b=g&qp=0&bookmark=bookmark_0&oid=68186&catoid=-9797)). My rears are on either the 24" or the 31" version of those; can't remember which. Omnimount has also come out with a newer version of stands, which are metallic so they are a lot more durable (but also more expensive). I'm quite happy with my choice.

12-30-03, 09:35 AM
Thanx a bunch. I picked up a set of 31" TechCraft stands from HH Gregg for less than 50 bones for my fronts. I already had my rears mounted on wall. Anyone looking for a very nice budget system this is it.

12-30-03, 11:51 AM
I see i'm in the minority here, but I owned the Panasonic system above and was so impressed with the quality that, well, I returned it and bought the SC-HT425D which had digital audio inputs. The 425 can be seen here:

Same price range, 6.1 system, DVD-Audio and an award winning receiver (ok, maybe no award winning, but S&V mag gave it a great review last month). I like this system because the dvd and receiver are very slim and fit in one shelf in my theater. The speakers are loud and i have them mounted in the corners, very easy to do. I also didn't need a lot of power since this is in my basement and the space is small. I love onkyo but i've read a few negatives regarding their HTIB's concerning speaker quality and such. And as far as bang for the buck, the 435 panny is tops, and i see its now like $200 cheaper then when i got it. And there's a rebate. Just my .02.

12-30-03, 01:23 PM
I'd like to read the negatives about the Onkyo. Haven't seen those yet. Secrets who do the DVD Shootouts reviewed the Onkyo and gave it a glowing review. At the price range it's quality is unmatched.

12-30-03, 01:24 PM

Here's a link to the review.

12-30-03, 01:31 PM
Link to the panny review:


And I dont remember where i read that about the onkyo, personally I love onkyo, and used their receivers before. It's just the speaker quality i'd be concerned with.

12-30-03, 01:42 PM
Hate to keep posting, but another major advantage the Onkyo has over the Panasonic you mentioned is the receiver. The Panasonic has the DVD and receiver built in. 1 part goes bad they're both down. Upgrading is impossible as well. With the Onkyo the receiver will work fine it you decide to upgrade the speakers down the road.

Wallet Boy
12-31-03, 11:32 AM
Just wanted to say that the Onkyo is available at Amazon (through J&R) brand new for $449 and free shipping. I ordered one myself yesterday.

Wallet Boy
12-31-03, 05:33 PM
Actually, that deal seems to have ended soon after I bought it. Its still $449, but shipping is now an additional $100, which doesn't make it a deal at all. Although the main Amazon page for it still says free shipping, that is not the case when you put it in your cart:

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