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11-25-03, 07:01 AM
I receive a call yesterday from the wife explaining she was unable to access our aol account. The process would disconnect at the sign on screen as it was requesting network attention. I call aol last night.....not very helpful at all and it is really hard to understand broken english not once but twice when I called back. Anyhow....I deleted my whole aol software which was an upgraded 9.0 and reinstalled 8.0 as my 9.0 software was not allowing me to access numbers for dial up etc...

Once 8.0 was installed....I was able to set up my home location and dialed up aol....connected...check email.....one small problem....I am unable to access the internet. My understanding is the browser is contained within the aol software so is there a setting I need to change within my software which may be conflicting with my Windows XP environment? I am at work today and downloaded an IE6 and Netscape pack in hopes that if I email this to my aol account I will be able to install these at home and finally fix my problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, DJ

11-25-03, 10:43 AM
You can use any browser while connected to AOL.

11-25-03, 11:00 AM
Originally posted by duz
You can use any browser while connected to AOL.

I realize that.....the aol software should have it enabled already so I guess I will go home and access my email....download the IE6 and Netscape info from my email and see if I can install these. I am just wondering if something happened to my internet properties which is preventing me from accessing the internet?

At this point I am seriously considering dumping aol and going with my local phone company's $99.00 package which includes my monthly phone bill.....cell phone...and zoom town connection. With aol it is what I am paying now when you add the bills together and I would have access to a broadband connection that leaves my phone free from the busy signal people always get when they call my house.

11-25-03, 06:53 PM
Dump AOL? Perish the thought...

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