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Michael Corvin
11-24-03, 07:19 PM
Alright I used my BB replacement plan this weekend and took my Xbox back for a new one. GTA kept locking up on me. I boiled the disc and that seemed to work for a few weeks but this past weekend found me back at square one. Shoddy equipment.

Not a bad deal really, gone is the BIG daddy controller for a new S one. Bonus Tetris and Clone Wars games. And Super-Bonus, I get a newer drive that 1. reads CD-Rs and 2. doesn't have problems. Right?

WRONG! I ended up with the same exact damn drive! I lost save games and 100+ songs that took forever to transfer to get basically the same friggin' Xbox. Have I had a problem yet? No, I've only played it for a few hours. But I DO NOT want this Thompson drive. It is a proven piece of garbage. I want the Samsung or the other one.

I want to return this one as well, but my question is this: Is there a way to tell from the package/UPC/or serial #, which drive it contains?

lastly BB's replacement policy is kinda shady. I get to the counter and the girl shows me the fine print that it can only be used once(outside of the 90 MW). I bought a 2 year warranty and even though there was still a year left, since I traded it in, that year is just lost.

11-24-03, 08:11 PM
see the end of this thread!!pics of the 3 drives.


i think they should only be selling the samsung drive,

if you got one of the others-id return it....the samsung plays just about everything and is supposed to be the best.

good luck-

Michael Corvin
11-25-03, 05:10 AM
Excellent. ending in 6 it is. I might have to head back to BB in the near future.

11-25-03, 08:19 AM
If only I had known about the Thomson drive issue when I had my Xbox. Not sure it was common knowledge then. I was so frustrated by my PS2 and Xbox hardware problems I gave up on both. I may give Xbox another try though if the Samsung drives are really reliable. It would be worth it just for ESPN Basketball and the GTA3 bundle.

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