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View Full Version : How can I control my Photoshop margins?

11-19-03, 10:06 PM
When I click on Page Setup in Photoshop it tells me my margins are set at:

Left: .25
Right: .25
Top: .066
Bottom: .506

There is no way that I can see of changing them. Is this normal? Am I missing an option somewhere?

I am by no means a Photoshop professional so please be kind if this is a stupid question.


11-20-03, 08:02 AM
What version of Photoshop? With 6 I don't see any margins anywhere.

11-20-03, 09:53 AM
In Photoshop CS on my Mac, when I go to Page Set-Up and choose Custom Paper Size from the Setting menu, it allows me to go in and set my own paper size and enter the margins there.

You might want to let us know which Platform and which version of the software you are using.

11-24-03, 06:23 PM
Photoshop 7 on PC.

11-24-03, 06:28 PM
I have no option for "Custon Paper Size" in my drop down size menu. And none of the options I do have allow me to adjust the margins.

I don't know if I was specific enough earlier. It looks as though the margins are adjustable, as they are in what appear to be a box that you would normally be able to manipulate, but instead of a white background behind the number, it is a grey background, if you know what I mean, that makes them, somehow, unchangeable.

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