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Alien Redrum
11-18-03, 11:10 PM
Okay, I'm going to explain this the best I can. Bear with me. :)

I'm a new again to firebird and I love it. I have a question regarding the bookmarks.

In IE, when sorting the bookmarks in alphabetical order, the folders are sorted first, then the sites.

However, in firebird, everything is sorted alphabetically.

How can I set it so the folders are sorted first, then the sites?

11-18-03, 11:39 PM
You'd probably have to do it manually - not sure if there's a way to do it. But...now for my firebird question which I came here to ask and saw yours...

I've been using firebird for a while and whenever I clicked a link in, say Outlook, it would open up a new Firebird window, but now it's reusing windows I already have open and it's really pissing me off...I'm almost ready to go back to IE...

Alien Redrum
11-18-03, 11:56 PM
Tabbrowser extensions (http://texturizer.net/firebird/extensions/#tbe) might help with your problem.

It's a great add on.

11-19-03, 01:00 AM
I have that - and it will open all links in the current tab. I could switch to Firebird, open a new tab, and then open the link, but that's a lot of work. It's a fairly new problem, but I didn't change any settings - it just all of a sudden started reusing tabs.

11-19-03, 01:31 AM
I found it!! :)

You need to add this to your user.js file in the profiles directory:

// Stop reusing active windows:
user_pref("advanced.system.supportDDEExec", false);

Worked like a charm.

Here's more info and a great FAQ:

Alien Redrum
11-30-03, 06:03 PM

If anyone else is having the same bookmarks problem.

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